Benifits of Lemon: Lemon Water, Health, Nutrition and Skin

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Lemon is a amazing fruits which has incredible benefits for us. Lemon contain with richness of citric acids, antioxidants and vitamin C. Which gives lots of health benefits, use for beauty treatment in various way and also use in cooking or cleaning. Lemon has available in the market in multiple size and shape. It’s very useful, we can use lemon and also its peels.



Lemon with its sour taste and flavour make a healthy and tasty refreshing drink or juice specially on summer seasons. It also use for some medical issue. Just not to use lemon for making a juice or drink water only but lemon water and lemon tea also popular. 

Benefits of Lemon :

Here we share the valuable importance to use of a lemon water for its lots of benefits. A small pieces of lemon can help us in many way. The benefits are – 


Control Your Weight:

If you want to loss and control your weight then start your morning with a glass of lemon water. Lemon has amount of antioxidants which help to reduce weight. Take a lemon and a glass of lukewarm water then squeezed the lemon and mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey. Now its ready for drink and then see the magic. Lemon also has the power of pectin, is a fibre expands. Pectin in lemon help of consuming the unhealthy foods essentials. Some people’s take lemon tea, specially in summer.


Prevent Diseases:

Lemon helps to control and has the power to prevent those diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and control cholesterol. Lemon has full of richest vitamin C and antioxidants, which help to prevent the rick factors specially heart disease. The medical importance of lemon is use for the early stages of treatment. Lemon just to use for a home remedy, so any kind of emergency treatment you should needed a doctors advisor.


Hair Fall Control:

To need a hair fall solution, you can go with lemon. Lemon help to control hair fall and improves to your hair growth. Take a bowl, mix well 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and some amount of aloe vera jel, then apply it on your scalp leave it for 25 – 30 minutes. When it became dry wash it with lukewarm water and use a mild shampoo, which is good for your hair. Lemon include vitamin C that can improves the hair follicles.


Use of Beauty Treatment:

Lemon just not use for cooking, cleaning and health care it also use for beauty treatment. It’s a incredible home remedies to use our face for cleanser, helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and clear skin tone. It full of collagen to consume the youthful look. But if you have sensitive skin then don’t be use lemon directly over your face. Sometimes you can get allergy, so before use lemon know well the condition of your skin sensitiveness. 

Help to Digest:

Get your digestive system normal drink a glass of lemon water before take a meals. Lemon contain with citric acids and fibre of pectin, which help to get a normal constipation and digestive system or gastrointestinal issues. The soluble fibre can help you to improve gastric systems. Lemon water also popular as immunity booster, drink a lemon water or lemon juice you get to feel refresh and start a great morning. A healthy digestive system get to improve our health .


Gain Immunity:

Keep hydrated always a beneficial for our health. Drinking atleast 4 to 5 glasses of water in a single day help you to keep hydrated. Not only plain water you also can drink lemon water is affective for our health. It has the beneficial power of citric acids to prevent us for various way like constipation, kidney stones, dehydration, digestive system, overheating and brain fog. Lemon juice mixed with honey is a supper drink, not just a immunity booster it also help to prevent us from cold and cough.


Use as Vitamin C:

Lemon is highly recommended for the use of major disease like cancer, anemia, throat infection, liver, diabetes and oral or tooth infections. Lemon is a plant based fruit which has richness of iron, citric acids, antioxidants and vitamin C. It promote the health beneficial of prevent from those diseases. It has the properties of dead cells or anti cancer prevention immunity booster.



Lemon has contain with lots of its beneficial power for our health. But it also has some side effects so before you use it known well to its side effects. Lemon helps us various way for our every day life, our diet and health. To make it well then use it. Lemon water is a refreshing immunity booster. This article will help you to know more about lemon and its uses.



Q. What benefits do you get when you drink lemon water?

Ans: lemon for making a juice or drink water only but lemon water and lemon tea also popular. 



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