Benifits of Rice Water For Hair: How to make and Use it

Benefits of rice water : To makes your hair shine, stronger and helps to grow

Use of Rice water for Hair:

Rice water is a very old and traditional beauty treatment to make your hair stronger, shiny and smooth. In the South west Asia, China and Japan in those countries women’s are used rice water after a long years ago. They used rice water to know the benefits for their hair treatment.

Beautiful hair makes you more beautiful. Use of rice water in your hair care routine or hair treatment is a most popular home ingredients. Benefits of rice water has lots of scientific methods. Rice water contains amount of protein that make your hair stronger, have the power of vitamin B, C and E help to grow your hair. The help of shine and smoothness rice water has lots of anti -oxidants and minerals.

Rice water for hair

Benefits of rice water has many ways to improve your damage and dull hair. Rice water can use any kind or types of hair conditions to nourish hair. It helps to grow hair fast and reduce the dry or dullness of your hair, that helps to improve  your hair smooth and shine. 

How to prepare rice water :  

You need a cup of water and rice. At first take a bowl to put 1 or ½ cup of uncooked rice, rinse out carefully remove all the dirt and impurities of rice. Mixed with 2 or 3 cups of pure water then leave it for 25 -30 minutes for soak in a room temperature . Strain the rice water in bowl or put it in a container, also can try a spray type bottle. If you think you can use it once a week then put it in refrigerate. Some people’s also use boil rice water.

Use of rice water : 

Use of rice water is very easy. Wash your hair with a normal shampoo which you use in your regular hair care routine. Not need to use commercial and the other products of conditioner because rice water use the replacement of conditioner, it workout in the same way . Take little amount of prepare rice water on your palm, then gently massage on your scalp and hair. Stay it on hair for 10 – 15 minutes then rinse it with lukewarm water. Then see and feel the result of your hair shine and smoothness.

Get the benefits :

Benefits of the use of rice water is noticeable. It’s most popular remedies in the early stages to now. The benefits of rice water in your hair care routine are-

Growth of hair : We all want a long hair to looks more beautiful. Rice water contain with vitamin B, C, E and amino acids. Those properties are helps to grow and longer your hair faster as you like.

Build hair strength : To make your hair strength at first focus on your diet. Inner part are also important to make hair stronger. Rice water include the amount of protein and minerals, it help to improve your hair stronger.

Holds the shine and smoothness : Rice water help to work out for your damage, dry and dull hair. Nourish and moisture hair get the looks of shine and smoothness. Rice water has the proteins and anecdotal properties of starchy solution. Which can help the texture of your hair conditions.

Hair softness : Rice water have the proponents to help your hair more softer. It help to remove the hair detangles, to make hair softness.

See the results :

My hair is the first area where use the rice water and get all the benefits. It’s really unbelievable, my damage hair start to shine, grow very first and the stronger or smoother part are become feel so different. Last few month I’m very upset with my dull, breakage, dry and damage hair. But rice water help to move out all of this problems in a very short time.

Rice water

When you experience all the benefits of rice water after use of a day or week then just see the magic of the traditional home remedies. It better to use either the market products. But if you have some infections or allergies then try a little before use your hair. Just remember rice water always try to use on your shower time. Now days in the market also available some kind of rice water based shampoo you also can try it fro your hair care routine or treatment.

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