Best Hair Fall Controlling Remedies | Easy Method To Control Hair Fall

 How To Control Hair fall at home 

In recent times depression, over stress and Indiscipline life styles are the causes of hair fall. Our hair is one of our reflection of beauty others people can see. Hair loss is a common occurrence that people’s face sometimes. We can choose a best hair care routine to control hair falls.


Symptoms of hair fall:

Hair expertise say if you notice 50-100 hairs fall down in a single day then you can take some better treatment or care and consult with a hair expert. Bald patches is a another sign of hair fall. Amount of bad bald patches or spots appear on the scalp is a symptoms of hair fall. Sometimes it also feel us itching on our scalp that’s begin get hair falls. If your comb or brush collecting more hair check it after use. It also a sign of hair loss. So, always begin aware of the causes of hair fall then you get a better way to control hair fall solutions.

Hair Fall Control

Cause of hair fall :

‌Both men and women suffer with the problem of hair loss in some genetic issues. It is inherent the pattern of hair loss. Various genes have identified with trigger hair losses. 

‌Stress is the another cause of hair fall. It will happen in some causes like such emotional backgrounds, death of love ones, suddenly loss someone etc. On this type of anxiety, for the solutions  you can do yoga, meditation and talk therapy for better result . It’s very helpful and easiest way for us.

‌Sometimes we can use some wrong products and wrong way to apply a shampoo on our hairs is a reason of hair fall. We should use a good shampoo that suitable for our hair health. We must choose a anti – dandruff shampoo and use a conditioner to protect the damage hair. 

‌Women’s are facing the problem of hair loss mostly in pregnancy or menopause period of time. In this time hormonal changes is a main issue and estrogen hormones are responsible for hair loss problems . 

Some others issues are also important for hair fall like smoking, suddenly weight loss, lack of proteins, eating habits, changing life styles, thyroid etc. To control hair fall problems you should try some home remedies. But sometimes it out of control then you must consulate with a hair expert.


Home remedies to control hair fall:

Now days various hair fall treatments and therapy are available. But these maintenance is too much costly. Some people’s can’t affordable to paying the huge amount of money for the treatments. So that they choose and like various types of home remedies, it can be budget friendly and all of us can easily use it. Home remedies just not help you for the hair fall solutions but also helps to get healthy and strong hair. Some home remedies are:

1. Healthy Diet :

Unhealthy food habits is the cause of hair fall. On the 21st century both men and women are working and they spend a lots of time in outside over a day. For that they take foods from restaurants and these foods are very much oily and spicy. It affect on your health and also hair. Lack amount of proteins and vitamins is the another cause of hair fall. So, we should maintain a healthy diet that helps to get immunity and fight against hair falls.

2. Drinking Water :

In a day we should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day that help you keep hydrate your body and stay healthy. Dehydration affect your hair and also your body. You can also drink some healthy fruits juice, it can easily prepare at home. It can aid to stay healthy.


3. Clean your hair :

This is a very simple and easiest way to clean your hair at the top hair care routine. You can choose a mild hair care shampoo, that keeps your scalp clean and give your hair shining. Although you wash your hair with a mild shampoo that prevent any kind of infections and diseases. Also using a hair conditioner for right hair treatments.

4. Avoid to combing wet hair :

We all should do the common mistake. Out of a shower at first we doing combing our wet hair to save our time. For that it create a negative impact on our hair. If possible then the process is going through at first you dry your hair with a cotton towel which can easily absorb the water from hair. Then comb your hair with s soft toothed comb. So, we all should avoid to combing wet hair is the key of hair fall control.


5. Reduce your stress : 

In the age between 20-40 people’s suffer with stress in various phase of life . Like over work, office stress, study, job etc. and It’s get a bad impact  over your health and hair. So, you can improve your mental health and physical conditions for that you can practices meditation and yoga. It can help you to stay positive and healthy. Therefore it is a very easy home remedies that you can try to control hair fall problems and also take care of your mental health.


6. Rice water : 

Rice water provides us a lot of benefits. Not only hair fall reduce but also use in various beauty tips. Rice water contain with anti – oxidants, rich vitamins and higher level of ph balanced. That aid to reduce hair fall, repair damage scalp cells and make hair stronger. Rice water is a oldest secret home remedies that I hear from my grandmother. It is suitable for all types of hair to reduce hair fall and any kind of hair problems.

7. Eggs : 

Eggs are helps to reduce hair falls and give a look on your hair shine and smooth. The process of use eggs is – take a bowl eggs, honey and aloe vera mixed well and make a paste. Apply over your hair after it become dry wash it with water and see the best result.

8. Aloe vera : 

Aloe vera is one of my favourite and one of the best home remedies that can use in various problems and also hair falls. Aloe vera is very effective to the solution of dandruff. You can use aloe vera pulp 2-3 times in a week. Aloe vera pulp massage properly on your hair and stay it for 40 to 45 minutes. After that wash it with normal water until it fully remove over your hair.



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