Best Health Insurance Plans and Policy In India

 Best health insurance scheme or plans in India

Being healthy means you are the most luckiest person in the world. Where whole world is suffering with the health related issues and people is expanding their money on health, staying fit is a most desire thing. In this article we share the most value able information to know about the insurance plans.

When we are concern about our house, car, mobile phones and other accessories doing insurance. So why we are not concern about our health. A single disease of our family members even us can exp80% of our savings. Then why we are not go for a medical insurance or health insurance of our family.

Health Insurance

Need to know the factors :

Insurance company have different types of plans based on senior citizens, some plans for those people who have the chronic disease, family based plans, some top or low levels of plans for the sections of suitable peoples and few individual types of plans also available. The amount, premiums or cost of the plans depend on which type of insurance you occur. Try to cover expansive medical  expanding diseases like any kind of accident, heart problems, cancer, surgery etc. 

Must to know the ratio of the money you can claim to the insurance company at a time. Different company paying different kind of premiums and it should having pre illness or existing illness that consider the plans you get. The issue policies or policy holders most aware the ratio of claim by the insurance company.

Need to know the area of networking connected to the insurance company each and every city all over the country. The insurance company cover up all the nursing homes, multi speciality hospitals, day care units etc. So, in any kind of help in any situation you can be prepare.

When you start a plan must know the time that how longer in waiting period or pre existing illness. The normal duration of plans cover up in 2 – 4 year longer. When you pay your amount of money then should know the claim settlement ratio.

Types of health insurance plans in India :

1. Health insurance for family :

This plans cover up 4 to 5 members of your family. It much expansive then any kind of individual plans. The cost of policy will be shared by all members included in the policy holders. It instead having cover up everyone in a single policy making. This plans is helpful for whole family in one policy cycle.

2. Specific for employers  health insurance :

This plans or schemes specify for the employers who joined or leave the company. This schemes are low in cost and the premiums are due to involving low risk. Those plans are offered to the employers .

3. Individual health scheme :

Individual health insurance varied on the policy holders. This kind of systematic policy depend on policy holders age, medical records, locations etc. These premiums ratio cost are below then other cover up schemes.

4. Personal accidental issue :

These plans cover up the accidental related issues like some major or minor injured and death. The caused of accident relate by road, air, water or rail. This compensations are provided by the company for some sudden incidents or events.

Health insurance

5. Based on senior citizen :

Senior citizen plans based on condition of their health, before doing a plans need a medical check up. The limit of the age under 60 years. The aim of the plan is take care and fulfil the needs, on this plans have some discount also. The plans expanses depend on the disease or illness of a person.

6. Women based insurance : 

Women based plans consider on maternity period. This plans cover the mother and the baby. The time of delivery, post-natal and prenatal stages cover the expanses of insured cover up insurances. This plans specially consider as the child expecting women.

7. Major illness or diseases :

Organs transplant, Cancer, heart attack those kind of major or critical diseases need or cover up this health insurance plans. This plans helpful for family and others individual persons who have the background of certain illness and reduce the hospitals expanses.

8. Measures care unit :

This plans are involve to the expanses of treatment. It cover up the annual check up and prevent the diseases under this plans. To prevent illness of measure diseases.

We all know the common key words  ‘health is our wealth’. So, a small investment today get back a amount of benefits and help to reduce your tension about any kind of medical treatment or emergency. A health insurance can help your savings and stop to others expanses. This called a precious gift for you and your family or prepare any kind of emergency.

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