Best Home remedies for dark circles | Best eye cream treatment for dark circles

 Easy Method for Removing Dark Circle Under Eyes


Eyes can defines our heart and beauty. Eyes are the most important parts of us. Now days people’s are safer with stress, lack of sleep, over night work is the cause of dark circles surrounding eye area. For some people dark circles are temporary due to sleepless nights. Eyes are the mirror of our heart and feelings.


Dark circle removing tips and remedies

Eye care process:

Eyes are needed very much care of another parts. Every one follow some steps or care to protect his/ her eyes. These process are-

1. At first we should maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

2. Stop rubbing your eyes frequently. 

3. To protect your eyes from the sun. So when you go outside wear a sunglass which helps to block UVA or UVB lights. 

4. Get regular exercise to take care of eyes. 

5. If you touch your eyes, firstly clean your hands.


Home remedies for dark circles:

On those days both men and women are face the problem of dark circles. Because of over night work, sleepless night, over stress. Eyes are most sensitive parts, so you can choose home or natural remedies rather than chemical products. We prefer some home remedies includes-

Sleep on time 

Most important things is to consider when your eyes are feel tired and restless. Then you getting enough sleep to rest your body, mind and eyes. Sleep is the first key to reduce your dark circles. We all must be need a proper sleeps on regular basis and a particular time.



On 21 century most common problem of us is over stress, depression and some bad habits of life styles. This is another reasons for having dark circles. Meditation is the best way out to decrease our depression and stress. Meditation is a everyday basis rituals that helps us to improve our life styles and get a stress and depression free life and keep us healthy. 

Rose water

Rose water is a mild astringent. Almost all types of skin can used it for refreshing and rejuvenating. Any types of eye irrigations we can use it every night over a week. Rose water is a natural remedy for all of us.


Grated cucumber 

Cucumber is the most effective remedies. Cucumber contains vitamins, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. This reduce to aid inflammation around the eye area. If you have extra time so you can get some row cucumber slices and directly use it over your eyes for 10-15 minutes to relax and than remove it. Its helps to stave darkening. 

Coconut oil 

Natural treatments for dark circles coconut oil is one of the best. It gentle and organic for sensitive skin. You can apply it around  your eye area. Coconut oil help to reduce inflammation while lightening the look.


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Various eye creams: 

Eyes are the most sensitive parts of our body. So, we all need a best eye cream which give us a best results. Every eye cream make different way. When you choose a best eye cream its depends on exact conditions of your eye and skin needs. Some common preferable eye creams are use for all types of skin friendly or suitable. Those eye creams contains vitamins- C, retinoic acid, peptides, hyaluronic acid etc. If you want a nourishing eye that brighten, hydrate and increase all cells. Since, the skin around eyes is sensitive. So you choose a best eye cream that suited for your skin and care your eyes. 



Serum based eye cream 

Many of people’s depend on eye serum. They reduce dark circles to prefer a eye serum rather than a eye cream. Serum is generally absorbed quickly and easy to use all skin types. Serums contains higher levels of active antioxidants and anti-aging peptides. Serum is also a good moisturizer to benefits for smoothing, hydrated surrounding eye area. Some of us choose the hygienic, quickly hydrates and lightweight serums to prep the eye area to make your look more awake. Astaxanthis based serum are powerful to quickly minimize the fine lines. We can used serum at morning and night. 


How to apply eye cream or serum: 

Apply your eye cream at least 10-15 minutes before going to bed. Surround the eye area the skin is extremely delicate. At first you choose a eye cream or serum that suitable to your sensitive and delightful s



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