How to remove pimple’s naturally and permanently

 Best Remedies to remove pimple’s naturally and permanently

Especially teenagers have problems with pimples. Mostly women during menstruation facing the problems .Pimples mainly effected in the face, shoulder and chest. Pimples grow when the follicles get blocked up the skin.


Acne is the main cause of pimples .Once you may have acne repeatedly it become pimple you may got. People’s have different types of pimples. Those are Papules, Blackheads, Whiteheads, Cysts, Pustules and Nodules etc.

Pimple Removing Solutions

Cause of pimples:

(a) Inflammation of skin: Inflammation is a part of showing pimples on face .It’s effected both of our external and internal body. Inflammation is a cause of allergies, infections, some other skin deasess and also pimples.

(b) Acne: Due to oil, dead skin cells and dirt pores of your skin become blocked that occurs acnes and also may develop a pimple. Acne is a long term skin condition that causes of you get pimples.

(c) Bacterial infection: We all have both ‘good’ or ‘bad’ bacteria in our body. Some times bacteria may affected in different factors. Such as hormonal. In another affect of strain p. acnes occurs on our face or skin.

(d) Hormonal changes: Almost women’s are facing the problems with pimples on face. The main cause is androgen hormone. It being change into estrogen. In other word excessive sebum can break down the pores walls and it also grow bacterial infections.

To reduce pimples naturally and permanently on skin:

               My face was the first area where I began experimenting and use all the natural remedies .Those remedies included in this article is most effective to reduce pimples permanently.

1. Aloe vera: To treat your pimples naturally aloe vera is the most effective and a best natural remedy in all skin types. It just not use for remove pimples but it also helps to scars over your skin. Aloe vera has antimicrobial functions. For instated result you can apply it with turmeric powder and mixed with aloe vera jel. Aloe vera helps to soft, moisturize and hydrate your skin.

2.Honey: Honey is a anti-bacterial solution of our skin. Raw honey is very effective to reduce pimples and redness on your skin. Before apply honey wash your face and apply over your face then remove it after 30 minutes. For a better result you can also try a natural mask which made with honey and cinnamon. It also effected.

3. Coconut oil : Coconut oil is very oldest home remedies use for beautification. Coconut oil have rich levels of anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial. It apply directly over your skin damage area to reduce pimples and redness of skin. Coconut oil also help to moisturize and nourishing your skin.

4. Bananas : Bananas highly contain with potassium, vitamins and minerals. You can use it to treat your pimples. Don’t throw the peel of bananas, it use to beautification your skin. Cut a ripe banana peel and use its inner side. The white side rubbing over pimples in 5-10 minutes and wash it with water. Bananas nourishing your skin and get a better result after use.

5. Green tea : Some of us love to take green tea in the morning but it also have a secret in it. It helps to reduce inflammation, sebum and p. acnes .The applying process is –take a cup of water and put it tea bags then fridge it for few minutes. Then apply it on your face to get it pimples free.

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