Causes and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder | What are the cause of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder –types, causes and symptoms 

What Is Bipolar Disorder:

People’s with their mental health conditions and extreme levels of mood swings is a sign of bipolar disorder. Depression mostly carry the symptoms of mood swings in any time and any situation, sometimes it emotional background of mania or hypomania. Mood swings affect over your entire daily routine like any activity, sleep, energy, behavior, thinking ability, study, work, relationship, career, goals of life etc. When you feel helpless, lonely, hopeless etc. those activities feels a person depressed. 

Bipolar Diorder

Types of bipolar disorder :

Bipolar disorder prevent with treatment, medication and consultancy. Specially bipolar disorder considered as three types-

 Bipolar- I : This situation considered a major depressive time period called manic disorder. Doctors must rule out the manic disorder because it need a treatment  for first recovery .

 Bipolar- II : It considered as simply different. On that time peoples get more depressed called hypomanic. Bipolar-II is a milder version when mood swings are not stable, it shifted and increase the risk factor of depression.

Cyclothymic disorder : This type of disorder related with our daily life or events. Children or teenagers faced mostly with this problems, they suffer with major types of depression called cyclothemic.

Other types : Bipolar disorder related with other signs that involve alcohol, long time using drugs and some difficult disease, that impact over related disorder.

Causes of bipolar disorder :

In the study the causes of bipolar disorder categories in different way, the actual cause is really unknown. Here has a  combination factors  included :

Cause by genetics : If your family history or family member such as parents, sibling suffer with this condition then it’s common to having bipolar disorder in born. Genes involved to find out the condition.

Cause by biological factors : The uncertain activity and changes brain difficulty, imbalances and hormonal changes effect the depressive sign of bipolar disorder.

Other factors : stress, mental illness, lack of sleep, changes of life style those causes are effects on bipolar disorder. Medication such a good way out.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder : Those are suffer with bipolar disorder frequently changes of moods and behavior. Symptoms can vary with person to person specially with teenages and the family background. Those symptoms are describe here –

Mania and Hypomaina :

The two major types of almost several symptoms of mania and hypomania. Mania is major effected then hypomania. This kind of depression came from work place, school, office, social  activities, relationship etc. Both mania and hyomenia has the symptoms –

  • Increase your self importance and values, high levels of self esteem and self confidence.
  • Much levels of talkativeness, talk rapidly.
  • Taking risk of decision making, make poor or sometimes foolish activity and investments.
  • Not feel tired taking little sleep or nap.
  • Being sociable and forthcoming.
  • Impaired behavior or judgment.
  • Missing work places, office, school and feeling wired.

Depressive symptoms :

Depressive symptoms may vary a person with their day to day activity. Such as the difficulty of work and action or social relationship effects over depressive symptoms. There has many symptoms are-

  • Certain weight loss or weight gain impact over a sign of depression.
  • Decrease the ability of thinking and indecisiveness.
  • Loss of interest to do something, or some activity.
  • Mood swings, feel hopeless, lonely and helpless.
  • Increase the levels of sensitivity to noise, smells and other things.
  • Feel anxiety due to minor issues.
  • Suicidal tendency or think to end of life may occur the sign.

Psychosis : Psychosis stay in the level of high or low and difficult between reality or fantasy. When a person suffer with high level of psychosis they feel the hallucinations, it means they can feel, seeing and hearing the things that are actually not there. This kind of person need a doctor treatment. Sometimes they act as a famous person, having special powers and highly social connectivity.

Others : Bipolar disorder have some others sign and symptoms like psychosis, anxious distress and melancholy. Symptoms are difficult to identify in teenage and children. The most common symptoms of bipolar disorder in children, teenagers and adults are mood swings severally. The major depressive, manic and hypomanic symptoms are vary with their life style ,events, work, stress, school, relationship and others.

In this article we discuss the types, causes and symptoms of bipolar disorder. Its a common mental sickness or disorder of mood swings, low level of energy,  loneliness and attention. Treatment may help to recover from this situation. This article is helpful to know more about bipolar disorder and take steps as soon as possible.

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