Chest Pain Causes and Symptoms | How to relief From Chest Pain

 Chest pain causes and symptoms And Remedies

Chest pain is basically having lung and heart. If you ignore chest pain having a high risk of heart attack. Chest pain has many causes like injured rib, bone and muscles related issues, digestive causes and heart related causes. 

Chest pain

Major causes of chest pain : 

Chest pain has many potential causes, those are including :

Asthma : When you feel coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath considered as asthma. Inflammation in the air ways create breathing disorder causes of chest pain. 

Pulmonary embolism : Pulmonary embolism if ignore then a high risk of chest pain it need a immediate treatment. Pulmonary embolism effects the colt blood trapped in the artery feeding and got difficult in breathing or cause of chest pain. 

Collapsed lung : Some people’s has collapsed lung they get shortness of breathing, tiredness, sudden chest pain and rapid heart rate. Space between the lungs and ribs where the air build up can cause of chest pain.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy : It’s bring genetically when the hearts grow too much thick. When you feel chest pain, dizziness, fainting and shortness of breathing those symptoms are causes of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The thicking hearts does not pump blood properly to flowing blood in the heart.

Heart attack : Chest pain is a major sign of heart attack.This kind of pain specially feel in the shoulder, neck, jaw and arms.Sometimes you feel headache, weakness, vomiting and tiredness. Heart attack need immediate medical treatment. 

Panik attack : Panik attack due to rapid heartbeat, dizziness, sweating and nausea is another cause of chest pain is considered as panik attack. 

Costochondritis : Costochondritis symptoms feels when a person does some physical activity, laying a position and setting else. It is a inflammation of rib cage through feel chest pain. 

Angina : When our blood flow get blocks or sometime poor blood flow is a sign of angina. The inner walls of arteries carry the blood to the heart due to thick heart plaques. During the physical activity the blood supply so poor that feels the chest pain. 

Symptoms of chest pain : 

Chest pain has many different kinds of symptoms. It sometimes it grow up in our inner side of heart. It’s very important to know the symptoms and as early as possible need a doctor treatment if you ignore chest pain having the risk of heart attack. Those symptoms are : 


1. When you change your body position weather you sitting or standing, you feel a little chest pain. 


2. Sometimes you feel pain on the jaw, both arms, shoulder and neck it searing the chest pain. 


3. When you breathing deeply get a little worse of pain over chest.


3. Weakness, vomiting, tiredness and shortness of breathing also a sign of chest pain. 


4. Chest pain considered as a heart disease. It is often heartburn behind the breast bone sensation  burning is painful. 

5. Get your pain last few minutes is also a symptoms of chest pain. It happen due to injured rib and thick walls or poor blood supply. 

  In this article share the causes and symptoms of chest pain. Chest pain sometimes get serious and need a immediate medical treatment. It’s helpful to know those common things and take some steps.

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