Fast treatment of Migraine Pain | How do we Treat Migraine Pain

 Cause of Migraine and Relief from Migraine Pain


In this article we discuss a common issue and its really painful. It can get in different ages different type its called migraine headache. Migraine is mainly considered as sensitivity of light. Migraine headache feels bad and it last few hours or even a day. Due to migraine sometimes you can feel vomiting and fever.


Migraine treatment

Types of migraine :

We notice people’s suffer with migraine its basically two types those are classic and common types of migraine. It’s also known as its cover names like migraine with aura and migraine without aura. Migraine also has find in various types. These types of migraine also effect same over our health. The headache of migraine spoil a whole day. Some others types of migraines are- 

        i. Silent migraine,

       ii. Brainstem aura relate migraine, 

       iii. Abdominal migraine,

       iv. Menstrual migraine etc.


What is the cause of get migraine :

Migraine specially consider due to blood vessels blockage and others is nerves problem. Migraine headaches is complicated. Sometimes it happen genetically if any person of your family already has.

Others causes of high level of  sounds effect, bright lights, over stress, dehydration, lack of sleepless nights, smoking, skip your daily meals, junk foods and drinking alcohol habits. Migraine headache is not much harmful but few times it really feel pain.


Major  symptoms of migraine: 

Migraines are specifically seen in teenagers and adults. Not every one has same kind of migraine problems. It’s different types with different persons. Migraine symptoms are divided into four ways. Those are – prodrome, postdrome, aura and attack. 


Prodrome symptoms: It effected one or two days over. Prodrome symptoms are like mood swings, depression, constipation and fluid retention etc.

Postdrome symptoms: This symptoms are having painful attack and people feels elated. Sudden changes over your heads movement bring this symptoms. 

Aura symptoms: Aura symptoms are connected with our nerve system. It does much distarbence over nerves. It affected by flash lights, vision loss, weakness and critical to speaking easily. 

Attack symptoms : It’s symptoms are easy to identify like smell, light and sounds. For attack symptoms you can feel one sided pain over your head. It also occur sensitivity of light and feels vomiting. 


How to treat your migraine: 

1. Migraines headache are not much harmful. So, we could not get it seriously. Sometimes apply number of natural remedy try it in home. 

2. When you get migraine from over stress then take  rest and get enough sleep. 

3. Due to over light and sounds you feel migraine problems then you choose a peaceful place, close your eyes and get relax. 

4. Sometimes women’s get migraine for menstrual circle. On that times changes are critisium  on hormonal. Then you take hormonal therapy. 

5. Migraines are not always get easily relief. But sometimes it effected much and then you must go a doctor clinic for better advice. 

6. To relief from migration you can do some yoga and meditation. It also applicable to reduce the pain or over headache. 


With migraine 25% of female and 10% of men suffer from this pain. Medication is help to decrease your pain. Therefore migraine has some nerves related issues which effect over us.

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