Fatty Liver Cause and Symptoms | Fatty Liver Symptoms and Prevention

Fatty liver – types, signs and symptoms, causes, prevention

Know about fatty liver disease:

Liver is our second large organ in our human body. Liver works as –filters harmful substances from blood and nutrients those fruits we eat and drinks. Fatty liver means extra fat increase day by day around our liver. Hepatic steatosis consider as fatty liver. Small amount of fat in liver is normal but when fat builds up much in liver side it can become health problems.

Fatty Lover

Fatty liver effect much and it damage your liver and scarring. You also feel liver inflammation. Many people with fatty liver did not feel the symptoms until it occur damage your liver but fatty liver disease is treated in the early stages.

Types of fatty liver:

Fatty liver you get any stages of life. Due to pregnancy it also can happen. Mainly fatty liver divided as two types 

  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver
  • Alcoholic fatty liver
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver :

When fats build up in your liver you may feel some kind of inflammation. Non alcoholic fatty liver dieses also have two different parts. 

Basic fatty liver:  It’s considered as you have fatty liver but without felling any inflammation but your liver cells become slowly damage. Most people have this and they don’t get problems with their liver.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver: It’s cause a serious condition of damage liver cells. Non alcoholic steathohepatitis inflammation create a risk factor and the problems are increase fibrosis and cirrhosis. Sometimes it causes of liver cancer.

Alcoholic fatty liver : 

Drinking lots of alcohol can damage your liver and it also cause of get fatty liver. It can easily treatable, when you stop to drink alcohol. If you have heavily drinking habits then talk with your doctors. Alcohol related fatty livers are –

Alcoholic hepatitis: This type of liver disease can cause of fever, vomiting, eyes and skin colour became change it get yellow, nausea, belly pain and swelling in the liver or liver area.

Alcoholic cirrhosis: When some bad tissues and cells build up in liver then it causes of high blood pressure, enlarge spleen, amount fluid build up in belly and liver failure.

Fatty Liver

Major symptoms of fatty liver:

Fatty liver symptoms are gradually build up. Here discusses those signs and symptoms are-

Fibrosis:  Liver can work still normally and does general functions. When liver can cause of scarring the persistent of inflammation .

Cirrhosis: Liver widespread, impairing the cause of scarring. This is the severe irreversible.

Steathohepatitis: Unnecessary fat grow up in liver cause of inflammation and swelling. Some fatty liver has critical complications. Get much pain on upper side of belly and abdomen. Fatty liver disease has also other signs of –

  1. Suddenly weight loss or feel weakness
  2. Enlarge blood vessels in beneath to the skin surfaces
  3. Swollen belly or abdominal pain
  4. Skin and eyes become yellowish 
  5. Red palms
  6. Change urine colour and itchy skin
  7. Fatigue

Possible signs and symptoms of fatty liver are those. Sometimes the signs are too minor to damage our liver and some are noticeable.

Causes of fatty liver: 

Drinking too much alcohol is a common cause of fatty liver. When liver fats develop it have few noticeable major and minor causes . Some fatty liver develops inflammations. The combine health problems help to Active the fatty liver disease. The common types of causes are-

  • High levels of fat specially in blood and triglyceride 
  • Type 2 diabetes or insulin hormonal causes
  • Obesity and overweight
  • Exposed certain medicines and chemicals
  • High blood pressure
  • Check your cholesterol levels
  • Your age- how old you are
  • You are malnourished
  • Some kind of infections
  • Due to pregnancy time period

How to prevent from fatty liver: 

You choose some steps to prevent fatty liver. In home try few rules to lead a healthy life.  Those are –

Stop to drink alcohol: Try to avoid drinking of much alcohol because its harmful to your liver and damage the liver cells.

Maintain a healthy diet: Avoid processed foods, try to eat green vegetables, fruits and healthy diet. Don’t take extra fats in your body.

Try to maintain a healthy weight : If you have overweight try to reduce your weight. Do some weight loss remedies and work more to loss weight.

Do exercise : Exercise regularly it help to stay healthy and avoid to gain weight.

Fatty liver disease occur due to extra fat build up and alcohol. Many people suffer with this. So s early to try the take treatment to stop the damages of liver cells. In the early stage it is a small dieses but if it too late then it become liver cancer.

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