Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy | Do not eat These Foods during Pregnancy

 Avoid foods during pregnancy 

Being a women pregnancy period is a most memorable moment. On this time mother and the little one’s who grow up inside her mother need very special care and treatment. Due to pregnancy mother need more vitamins and protein but some foods are harmful to you and your baby.

Doctors listed some foods to avoid on the pregnancy period. Because those foods are having bad effects to you and your baby’s health. Here listed those foods you surly avoid on your pregnancy period. 


Fruits and Vegetables : 

Carefully avoid unwashed fruits and vegetables. Due to their longibility sellers use some kind of harmful spray which contains with pinch of poison. So, before you eat wash properly those and vegetables. 

Say no to drink alcohol : 

On the pregnancy period drinking alcohol is highly risk factor of your baby. Alcohol leads the risk of stillbirths, baby’s mantal disability and miscarriages. When you knew the news that you are pregnant then you need to stop and avoid alcohol. 

Assuredly avoid raw meats and eggs : 

Raw meats, eggs and egg yolks contaminated the risk of some kinds of bacterial infections. Those types of bacterial food poisoning prevent food borne illness. Pregnancy period having highly risk of bacterial infections over baby’s health.

Seafoods : 

Marlin, Shark, Bigeye tuna and Tilefish contain with high amount of mercury. Which much harmful to your baby’s development and nerve systems.

But Cod, Tilapia, Shad, Salmon and some others listed of fishes which contaminate with omega-3 fatty acids and high levels of protein that helps to develop baby’s eyes and brain. Those fishes has little amount of mercury.

Avoid dairy products : 

Unpasteurized creams, cow’s or goat’s milk and cheese are harmful of your new born baby’s health. Those dairy products are contain with Listeria bacteria, called listeriosis. Listeriosis bacteria can  increase the bad effects of your baby unwell, miscarriage and stillbirth. But cooking chees not having the risk of bacterial infections. 

Caffeine : 

Lot’s of foods contain with caffeine those are coffee, chocolates, teas, energy drinks or soft drinks etc. Caffeine leads the risk of low weight premature baby, difficult birth and miscarriages. But little bit of caffeine get quite small risk. 

Pregnant women get need to gain weight and take extra vitamins or proteins on pregnancy period. But all foods are not suitable for us, some foods are harmful for our health. In this article we disclose which foods are avoid during pregnancy period to get a healthy little one.

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