How to Avoid Period Pain | Best Remedies to get rid Period Pain

How to get rid of period cramps : Try best and simple home remedies 

An overview of Period

Period cramps are very common but not all women are having the same pain. Some of us feels the pain on abdomen, waist and backsides. The pain extremely hamper your day to day lifestyle. 

The time of menstruates hormonal changes are common on our body. The main caused of period pain is uterus contracts and sheds on lining thses are released as blood through vagina. Here we also noticed some others causes for period pain are – having irregular periods or bleeding problems, bleeding heavily on period days, smoke, family history of pain on periods and some women’s face pain due to early ages.

Period pain

In this article we share best 10 home remedies or way to relief from period pain. These are follows:

Keep hydrate :

Drink more or more water to keep your body hydrate. Dehydration make you feel more painful period cramps. Drink atleast 2 to 3 litres of water in a single day. 

Physical activity : 

If you stay healthy to do some physical activity as regular basis. It helps us to improve our health. 

Yoga : To reducing period cramps it’s helpful to do yoga like aerobic exercise. Expert says if a women workout of 60 minutes in a day then it benefits for health to reduction pain.

Exercise :  Try exercise both physical components and relaxation are help to reduce period cramps. To stay healthy and fit exercise is important for us.

Use heat patches on abdomen :

Heating patches help to relief period pain. Heated patches and wrap help the mussels relaxation on abdomen and boost the circulation of uterus. If you need a heat patches it’s available at the medical stores, clinic and online parches.

Acupressure :

Acupressure can help to reduce various types of pain. Acupressure may follow some steps those are your inner ankle bone to fingers area rubbing firmly for few minutes. You can do acupressure daily before or during the period times. It helps to reduce period cramps. 

Avoid foods :

Maintain a healthy diet avoid some processed foods, avocado, fatty fish and extra oil. Others are alcohol, high amount of carbohydrate, caffeine, salty foods etc. Avoid these kind of foods to reduce pain due to period times. 

Essential oil :

Oil massage help to reduce period pain. Some kinds of oils like clove, cinnamon and rose mixed with coconut oil. Mixed oil gently use over your abdomen with a circular motion. Some people’s has allergy so before use the oil at frist check it. 

During period times it needed to important take bath everyday. On that time try to use hot water that relax your abdomen muscles to relief from period cramps. Take a bath 10 – 15 minutes to relax you body.

Those remedies are helpful to reduce period cramps. It’s very simple and easy to apply. In these article share those home remedies but if your pain stay long over a time then consult with a Gynecologist.

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