How to moisturize your skin in naturally

 How to Moisturize and Glow Your Skin 

Beautiful skin is moisturized skin; even if your skin is oily, it is imperative to keep it hydrate. Moisture can prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles and can help heal any scars or blemishes. There are hydrating oils, lotions, creams treatments and masks, so you are to find one best suited for your skin type. 


Skin care tips

My face was the first area I began experimenting with all – natural things, so this section holds a special place in my heart. It my incredibly problematic skin was able to benefit from just a few food – grade concoction, that anyone’s can.

Types of skin

There are various types of dry skin we can see namely –

  • ‌The skin which produces less sebum than normal skin.
  • ‌Dull and rough complexion dry skin. 
  • ‌Dry skin having red patches. 
  • ‌Dry skin with visible lines. 
  • ‌ Combination skin, normal and dry skin. 

            You might have naturally dry skin. But sometime it can be occur for a variety of reasons. Dry skin can affect mainly our face, hand and feet. Dry weather, excessive cold weather frequent use of hand – wash & hand sanitizer can cause dry skin. Sometime using much hot water and certain chemicals can cause dry out our skin.


Dry skin is a very common skin condition which started by a lack of appropriate amount of water in our skin. The most common dry skin areas are our – arms, hands, feet and face. 


Some Best skin care tips: 

Dry skin moisturization:

 Taking care of your skin is a major part of your daily life, especially when you feel that your skin need of hydration. Hydrating your face is important and for the dry skin type – hydrating your hand and feet is important too. It’s a very important step for any kind of dry skin is to use moisturizer. Moisturizer helps to hydrate your skin and improve the complexion also. Any type of moisturizer can help the body to defer itself from the environment. Before applying any kind moisturizer make sure to clean your skin first and always start with damp skin to absorbed the moisturizer by the skin.


  How to prevent dry skin:

Moisturizers Specially some good quality moisturizer can help to prevent your skin from environmental damage and repair the dryness. If you are felling dry skin it will be beneficial for you to use some soft and smooth moisturizing cream.

              The cream contain vitamin – E and uv  protection is quickly repair the dry skin which cost by the hit and dry weather. Some oil based moisturiser is very helpful to hydrate your skin over night.


Various types of moisturization:

‌ Water based moisturizer: 

Drinking water is always a best way to moisturize and hydrate your skin. Using a water based moisturizer can keep your skin looking refresh and filling hydrate. 


‌Oil based moisturiser:

The primary role of any oil based moisturiser is hydration. The oil based moisturiser has a lightweight texture that absorb quickly. An oil based moisturiser can make a massive difference to people who have dry skin. Many natural oil based moisturisers contain organic ingredients. 


‌Oil free moisturizer:

Oil free moisturizer is a hydrating for oily skin. The oil free hydro face gel has the goodness of various kind of extracts that melt into your skin. The light weight gel texture makes it a dual utility product for oily skin as well as dry to normal skin types. Oil free moisturizers,  moisture the oily skin without feeling heavy on clogging your pors.


‌Aloe vera based moisturiser:

Aloe vera moisturizer are commonly used products combined with many other natural ingredients, that protects your skin. Keeping your skin hydrate and clean is the key to maintaining healthy skin. Aloe vera cases any itches and rashes with its anti- inflammatory and moisturizing properties. The  goodness of aloe vera is it helps to protect your skin from pollutants and also hydrate and smooth your skin.Although aloe vera does not reverse your skin from aging, it helps prevent the premature formation of wrinkles and fine lines.


Full day moisturization process; when you are in home: 

Now days many of the causes of oiliness or dry skin such as street, hormones and what you eat. So that you will like to use those beauty products or home made remedy to care of your skin hydrate. Some home made moisturizer are Rose water, Honey, Ripe banana and honey, Coconut oil, Papaya etc. give your skin a revitalized and supple look.

Rose water:

Rose water not only restores your pH balance but also protects and rejuvenates your skin. The rose water provides instant hydration to your skin that rejuvenates dull and tired skin. Rose water also use as a toner, cleanser and gentle moisturizer for all skin types.

‌Use of Honey:

             We all know the benefits of honey on our faces. Honey is a ingredient which we use in various way. we used it with chocolates; some pieces of dark chocolate and honey mixed well and make a smooth paste. Let it apply over 15 minutes on your face. Then rinse well with lukewarm water.


Ripe banana and honey:

To moisturize your dry skin, both banana and honey provide a anti-bacterial benefits. To blend well and prepare a smooth paste to mash up a ripe banana and 2 tablespoons of honey. Then, this paste apply your skin over 20 minutes and next clean face gently.


‌Coconut oil: 

Coconut oil fill your skin with moisturization at home. In a container, melt the coconut oil with vitamin – E and lavender essential oil. Then it ready to use your dry skin to moisturize. 



Papaya is a very important and my favourite ingredients to moisturize your skin at home in a simple way. A few pieces of papaya,1 teaspoon milk and honey. Mixed well and make a thick smooth paste. Apply it in your clean skin and body and keep it on 15 – 20 minutes. Then nourished your skin hydrate and moisturize. 


Moisturization process for working women or who are going outside :

Hydration have to be a part of the daily routine. Those dealing with dryness can make sure you don’t just go with a simple counter moisturizer. When you outside or working in a place then you must choose a UV protected and also pH balance level skin care moisturizer ceram. UV rays break down the extra cellular matrix and able to stay as hydrated. Your skin is also affected by your lifestyle, diet, environment, pollution and skincare routine. So, you choose the right products, creams and lotions that based on your  skin tyare. 


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