How To Remove Dark Spots on Face | Easy Ways to Remove Dark Spots

Some Easy Natural Method To Remove Dark Spots

Every persons dream is a clear and glowing skin. It is important to take care and maintain hygiene of your skin. We can see almost three types of dark spots. Those are – Brown, Black and Radish. In general dark spots are harmless. But it depend on your skin type. If you have a sensitive skin then consult with a doctor for best treatment or advices. 

Natural Remedies for removing dark spots

Why dark spots come: 

Collections of melanin is a major cause of dark spots. Some others causes are pollutions, ageing, hormonal, sun exposure increase the dark spots is called melasma. Hyper pigmentation due to sun exposure effect dark skin spots. Hyper pigmentation is a common type of skin problem. Every one’s want to look beautiful. They does waxing, threading etc. This may cause of black spots, especially who had sensitive skin. Sometimes people’s suffer with lack of vitamin B -12 in his/ her body. That’s leading to black spots but if you maintain a healthy diet then it is not much effected. During pregnancy or menopause women deal with the effect of dark spots. 

Dark spots problem with different age:

Age spots are vary in colors of your skin. Most commonly it visible on the areas where sun exposed much. Some of us have extremely sensitive skin which get easily spots and marks. Mainly women facing the problem much after 30-40 age. On that time our skin start to get decrease elasticity and becomes sensitive to get easily scarred. For that reason the spots are look very darker. On this age has to follows on some hormonal changes which also effect on the problem of dark spots.

How to remove dark spots on face: 

We all keep trying to how first remove dark spots on face. To get a glowing, lightening and smooth face. The main problems of dark spots is due to sun exposure. So at first we trying to cover our face and others parts which directly connected with sun. We should trying to wear full – sleeved and as possible  try to make distance from the direct sun.

‌To remove dark spots the sunscreen is a key. we look a best sunscreen which contains with SPF 30 to 50 protection. Try to use it daily for a better result. 

‌Some dark spots are harmless. But some people’s have extremely sensitive skin so they consult with a dermatologist.


Best cream for dark spots 

 People’s feel irritate or shy with the dark spots on face and it also change the skin tone. We all have found some earlier solution to remove dark spots as soon as possible. Then we find a better cream that our skin get a shinny look. Those are-

Some Ayurveda night creams:  Ayurveda creams are easily absorbent and it has to prepare many natural ingredients like saffron, aloe vera, honey etc. This cream provide a divine skin care experience. We must choose those types of creams.

Oriflame Optimals: It keeps your skin youthful glow. It provides us UV protection that aid of pigmentation. It contain with antioxidants that provide a little white glow on the darkness area. This cream helps to protect bad effects of pollution, damage environment and sun exposure. 

Olay Natural White: Naturally it’s a non – sticky texture that give you a smooth finish touch, soft and lightens on the face and dark spots area. It has the boost power of vitamin – B3, pro B5 and E. Vitamin – E enrich cream benefits for dark spots. This cream provides your skin well moisturized, reduce the dark spots and a brighten skin tone.


You should also choose some others products to reduce dark spots on your face. These are Lotus Herbals Papaya blem cream, Pond’s white beauty, L”Oreal paris white perfect night cream, Himalayan bleminor anti – blemish cream. You choose the right products which can easily access for your skin and get a perfect glowing face. 

Home remedies for dark spots:

My face was the first area I began experimenting with all – natural home made remedy. Chemicals products are costly to use. So we should try to use budget friendly home remedies. These natural way can help us to remove dark spots easily. Those are included :

Yogurt : 

It has contain with milder AHA and lactic acid that help to lighten your skin complexion and dark spots. For the better use you need a bowl and mixed properly 2 tablespoon of yoghurt, honey and turmeric powder. To make a smooth paste and apply over your face. After 10-12 minutes rinse with lukewarm water.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is a very popular natural things which have lots of benefits that improve the quality of our skin. It has vitamins A,B,C,E and amino acids which help to anti-aging and skon nourishing properties. Aloe vera is help to remove dark spots and reduce skin discoloration. It also work on pain relief, antiseptic and an excellent moisturizer to make your dull skin soft and smooth.


Papaya :

Papaya balanced our skin tone and exfoliates. It has enzymes called papain and mineral elements in removing dark spots. Make a paste with some pieces of ripe papaya then apply on your face. After 15-20 minutes it will become dry and remove it over your face, wash with clean water. It will help to get a glowing and brightest face. 

Butter milk or milk:

Milk or butter milk can apply directly over the dark spots. It contain higher levels of lactic acid. It use with a cotton ball that soaked in milk and then apply it over the affected areas. After 20-30 minutes wash your face and see the result. Milk also helpful to hydrate your face. 

Turmeric power :

In the Indian culture turmeric is a very popular ingredients not just cooking but also important for beautification. It helps to reduce hyper pigmentation and impart of a healthy glow and uneven skin tone. In a bowl turmeric powder, honey and curd mixed well and make a thick paste. Apply it all over the skin and face. After 10-15 minutes it become dry and remove it with water.


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