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Inform Hub – In the morning spent time on sun has effective and get benefits for health. But the bad effect of sun UV rays your face develop suntan and it colour become darker and Face Tan. So, use best sunscreen when you go outside. People’s apply various home remedies to fade face tan. Sometimes sun tan stay long on face tan and change skin colour. Not only face, we have sun tan on arms, feet and other part or the areas where clothes are not cover up.

How to remove face tan

Apply 5 best remedies at home for Face Tan:

In this article we discuss most effective home remedies, which easy to prepare and apply overs face. It’s really helpful for us. Those home and natural remedies are

1. Prepare a face pack with Honey and Papaya:

Papaya is use to lots of benefits, not just for use to prepare beauty products but also has the beneficial power of our health and stomach. Papaya contain with rich amount of pepsin which known as enzymes and vitamins A and C. Also has amounts of water which helps to healing tan from face.

Honey, try to use row honey which is more effective and has the power of antioxidants. It helps to holds the face moisturization and smoothness.

Process of Preparation :

Take a bowl. Need 3 – 4 pieces of ripe papaya, shape likes a cube and 1 tablespoon of honey. Mixed well and make a smooth paste. Then apply over the tan area on face, leave it for 15 – 20 minutes. After that wash your face with pure water.

2. Use the pack of Tomato and Yogurt :

Tomatoes is a essential part to use cooking. But use to prepare any kind of beauty treatment, it contain with antioxidants, potassium and vitamin A or B. Tomatoes not just to use for remove tan but it also use to prevent pimples, wrinkles, dark spots and brightening your skin tone.  

Yogurt is use to moisturize your skin and the help of lactic acids which holds the softness and smoothness on your face.

Process of Preparation :

If you have lack of time then you can use a piece to tomato directly to rubbing on face. Otherwise take some mash tomato and 2 tablespoons of yogurt mixed properly then apply on face. After 15 minutes clean your face.

Face tan removal remedies

3. Prepare a mask with Besan and Turmeric :

Preparing of this mask or face pack, it popular on the very oldest time. Its a regular basis face mask and use any kind of skin. Besan also known as bengal gram flour not remove tan but use as best scurebing to remove dead cells. 

Turmeric is use as an antiseptic and fight against sun tan or help to brightening skin tone.


Process of Preparation :

It very easy to prepare. In a bowl 2-3 tablespoons of besan and 1 tablespoon of honey and add some rose water or milk. Make a mask apply on face and body. Then it become dry and wash with lukewarm water.

4. Make a pack with masoor dal and aloe vera :

Masoor dal consider as a scrubber and help to remove dead skin cells, suntan. It’s a best effective home remedies to reduce face tan. If you have dry skin, add a little amount of tomato juice to holds your skin softness and smoothness. 

Aloe vera is a best natural remedy, contain with minerals, anti-microbials and vitamins. It help to prevent from suntan, dark spots and moisturize your skin. You can apply aloe vera jel directly on the effected area. 


Process of Preparation :

Prepare with the help of 1 cup of soak masoor dal, aloe vera jel and little amount of tomato juice which help to blend well. Leave the mask over face for 10 – 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water use a massaging way.


5. Apply the mask of Lemon juice and Honey :

To get your natural glowing skin must try these best home remedies or face pack. Lemon has the power of best bleaching properties. It remove skin tan and dead cells. Lemon juice quickly remove the tan.

Honey can help to keep your skin soft and smooth with the power of its antibacterials and antioxidants properties. It also helps to moisturize your skin. Always use fresh honey. 


Process of Preparation :

Mixed properly honey and lemon juice. Then apply on face, stay it for 15 – 20 minutes. After wash with cold water. You can use this face pack twice a week.


Those home remedies including in this article are supported by some experimenting way and its most effective to remove and fade the tan on face. Use these simple and natural methods to prevent and reduce face tan.

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