How To Remove Pimple Dark Spots | Best Remedies For Pimple Dark Spots Removing


 Dark spots Removing Solution causes by pimples


In this article we use some effective remedies that really helpful for us. Those remedies are supported in this article by some experimenting way.


Pimples are common having in people’s different ages. Sometimes it feels irritation down our confidence levels. So, remove your pimples and pimples marks as soon as possible. Pimples marks occurs during it have permanent red or black spots on face. It also depends on your skin condition or skin tone. Pimple marks spoils your face and effect your beauty.

Sometimes people’s thinks that acne and pimples are same. But its not true. Acne is develop on your skin condition and pimples are the side effect of acne. May peoples suffer with pimples due to hormonal changes. Pimples often occurs dirt, dead skin cells and excessive oils blogged the pores.

Pimple dark spots remover

How to prevent pimple marks:   

If you need a glowing, shining and clean face then you must go a best skin care routine. It get you a moisturize and nourishing skin. So we must take care our skin to prevent pimples marks. Those are including –

        In regular basis exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and also help to clean your pores.

        Must clean your face with a mild face wash at least twice a day.

        Always maintain a healthy diet that also prevent from pimple masks. In your diet chart always                 have green vegetables ,fruits etc.

        Drink water at least 6-8 glasses in a day. That keep your skin hydrate and moisturize.

        Keep distance from direct sunlight. When you send a lot of time on outdoor then wear a best                 sunscreen.

•        Avoid to use chemical  makeup. It get bad effect over your skin. Never let it stay over night on                 your skin.


Home remedies to remove pimple marks:

Sometimes home remedies are easily solve our skin problems. It easy to excess in your own kitchen. In these remedies I also try and it become really grateful for us. Home remedies can useable for any kind of skin. Then we share some effective remedies are follows ;


           1. Lemon: Lemon works as a natural bleaching. It used for lighten the marks of pimples you have get.

               Uses: Take a fresh lemon then juice it, rub your spots area your figure or if you used to like cotton pads. After 10-15 minutes it become dry and wash it with lukewarm water.


         2. Besan: Besan is a common ingredients that available all of our kitchen. Besan is also use to a good scrub. It contain with alkalizing that helps to remove pimple marks and a best cleanser.

Uses: Take a bowl, mixed with 1 tablespoon of besan, rose water, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Make a smooth paste then apply it over  your face and neck area. After 10 minutes it become dry but not completely and rinse it with cold water. You can use it 3-4 times in a week.


        3. Turmeric powder: Turmeric powder consist with antioxidents and inflammation. It helps to rid pigmentation. Use of turmeric powder in a regular basis you can get a glowing skin tone that nourishing your skin colour.

Uses: In a bowl, 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder, honey and pinch of lemon juice mixed well and make a thick paste. Apply this mask over your face, after 10-15 minutes remove it over your face with water. Then see the best result.


        4. Papaya: Papaya has a valuable ingredients that suitable for our stomach and use it also for our skin. Papaya balance our skin tone and exfoliates. It has enzymes called papain and mineral elements to removing pimples marks.

Uses: Need some pieces of ripe papayas. Apply directly over the affected areas. After 15-20 minutes it will dry and remove it over your face with water. It helps to your skin glowing and brightened.


            5. Peel of orange: we all know the value of orange on our health but its peels also important on our skin. Peels have citric acids that helps to rid of pimples marks and brightened our skin tone.

Uses: Make a mask with 1 tablespoon of honey and peel powder. Mixed it well and apply it over the damage area or spots. Stay over your face for few minutes then remove with water.


Those remedies are helpful for any kind of skin and it easily available in our home. All remedies are experimenting and effective.


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