How to Remove Under Eye Dark Circle

Best  home remedies : How to get rid of dark circles under eyes 

 I am the first person to began experimenting with all natural home remedies. So, this section holds a special place in my heart. We all want to look beautiful and our eyes are mirror to reflect all the beauties. But under eyes dark circles areas just dull our faces and damage the glow.

Eyes are the reflection of our inner beauty. We must try to carry a healthy routine to protect our eyes from the dark circles. Here we discuss some best simple and natural methods to get prevent from dark circles. Those are very effective and really helpful.  

Under eye dark circle

Causes of dark circles :

Both man and women are facing the problems of dark circles. Have various reasons to get dark circles.  Sometimes it causes of genetics, hormonal changes in our body, over stress to get from work places, bad routine to leading lifestyle, late night party or work, lack of sleep, affect of some medicines etc. If you maintain a healthy schedule or get a good routine then it easy to get rid of under eyes dark circles.

Best home remedies to get rid of dark circles :

Apply tea bags : Cold tea bags is a simple methods to get rid of under eyes dark circles. Most of the tea bags, specially green teas has full of the benefit anti -oxidants. It‘s help to exploit dark areas and anti inflammatory of dark circles. Take a clean and fresh tea bags, put it in refrigerator for cold. Then use it on your eye area for 10 minutes and get relax. Apply it twice a day for get a best result.

Use of rose water : Rose water has full of benefits to use of face and eyes also. It also known as a mild astringent or toner. It help to remove rejuvenate of our tried skin. Rose water you can use in two ways. You can apply it with soft sock cotton and leave it over eyes for 10 -15 minutes then remove the cotton and apply it as a drop in your eyes directly.

Benefits of cucumber : Cucumber is not just apply for beauty treatment but it also helpful for our health. Its very easy to use. Take a cucumber, slice it in round shape then apply on your eyes over 10-12 minutes. Cucumber help you to lightning your skin and dark areas under eyes and reduce the dark lines get it from the sun.

Dark circle

Vitamin E oriented oils : Almond and coconut oil contain with rich vitamin E.  It helps to prevent from dark circles, wrinkles, ageing and dullness of your skin. Vitamin E oils has the power of anti-inflammatory, that’s results good and effective. You use it on the dark area gently massage it about 10 minutes at night and take need enough sleep. In morning wash your face with lukewarm water. You can use it two times in a single day.

Try cold milk : Milk and other dairy products is the sources and power of vitamin A. It help to remove dark lines and brightening the area. Use with a cotton pads that easily sock the milk and apply the dark area. It help to use under eyes darkness.

Potatoes : Potatoes just not use on cooking foods, but it also use on beauty treatment for make some home remedies. To remove extra darkness and lightning your skin apply graded potatoes with vitamin C ornaments.

Use of tomatoes : Tomatoes contain with highly beneficial of lycopene. It help you to get soft and nourish under eye area. Mixed well a tomato and lemon juice or honey. Then apply it eye area with a cotton ball. After 5 – 10 minutes remove it gently with clean water.

Mint leaves: Mint as use of like cucumber. It fell you refreshing and relax. Take few mint leaves and crush it. Then apply it 10 minutes and then wash it with water. Mint leaves like a feeling of coolness and invigorating. You can apply 2 days in a weeks.

Those home remedies included in this article are supported by some experimenting way and its most effective to reduce dark circles under eyes. Use those simple and natural remedies.

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