Some Signs or symptoms of breast cancer | What is the Prevention of Breast Cancer

 Signs of breast cancer and It’s Prevention

 Know about breast cancer:

Breast cancer is a common disease that 40% to 60% women suffer over all the world. Breast cancer is a reflect when the cells in the breast grow out of control. It depends on which cells turn into cancer in breast. 

 Breast cancer has different kinds and it began in different parts of the breast. Ducts, connective tissue and lobules are the major parts of breast. Those parts have done their works. Each parts done its several way. That the lobules part produce milk. Ducts is bring milk to the nipple. Those parts are connected with each other, for the connective tissue.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

What is the Causes of breast cancer:

Environmental changes or damages effects over our changes of life styles and hormones that is the cause of having breast cancer. Sometimes people feel irritation over breast area, that also cause of breast cancer. It’s not all times you have seen or develop cancer over your breast. Mainly we consider breast cancer is a mass or lumps you feel in breast which is painful. But not all lupms are cancer. Breast cancer cells are grow abnormally in the milk produce system. We should always aware of these kind of changes having our body.

Signs or symptoms of breast cancer:

Different people having the signs or symptoms in different way it depends on your type of cancer. However, change in shape of breast is a signs of brest cancer. But it not necessary to all have the same signs.

  • Change the colour of nipples. Having redness on the nipples area. Nipples retration or 50% of papilary occurs nipples discharge. 
  • Symptoms of breast cancer vary from person to person. But some common signs have visible is change the shape and side of breast. Change the skin colour of both nipples area. 
  • Some others changes like if you touch the breast area feel hard and warm. Sometimes irrigation and itching feel over the area.
  • Tumar in breast if it have long time way then it turned easily into cancer. Lumps or mass inside you have feel in breast also occurs cancer. 
  • Feeling pain in breast not surely it increase cancer. But some times it important to take care of the area and consulate with a doctor. 

Risk factors: 

Breast cancer is a common disease that you can not prevent it to become your age. Because after 40 women body get risk to breast cancer. Some others is if you carry it genetically or it can be your family history. But some risk factors you can control over to not get the disease. Those are-

1. Pattern of life style : Even people’s live with the bad life styles it could be effect over your health. The changing parts are diet, maintain foods habit and physical activity. It also included over hormonal changes. Due to  take some highly powerful medicines. 

2. Effect of alcohol : Alcohol is very first to create a risk factor overs your health and breast cancer. If a women take 7 to 10% alcohol in a single day then its really crucial to carry cancer in breast. It helps to increase chances surely. 

3. Over weight : Women who get over weight due to menopause there after they can see some hormonal changes that really create a risk factor of breast cancer. Due to over weight always should maintain a healthy diet, avoid junk foods.

4. Physical activity: Physical activity is more important not just for prevent cancer but other disease also. You get always active physically that change your body movements, hormonal changes and weight. Physically fit person not get much weight ever.


Some other issue are that also increase risk factor like never done breast feeding, menopausal hormonal therapy, birth control pills, not have a child etc.

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How to remove pimple’s naturally and permanently

 Best Remedies to remove pimple’s naturally and permanently

Especially teenagers have problems with pimples. Mostly women during menstruation facing the problems .Pimples mainly effected in the face, shoulder and chest. Pimples grow when the follicles get blocked up the skin.


Acne is the main cause of pimples .Once you may have acne repeatedly it become pimple you may got. People’s have different types of pimples. Those are Papules, Blackheads, Whiteheads, Cysts, Pustules and Nodules etc.

Pimple Removing Solutions

Cause of pimples:

(a) Inflammation of skin: Inflammation is a part of showing pimples on face .It’s effected both of our external and internal body. Inflammation is a cause of allergies, infections, some other skin deasess and also pimples.

(b) Acne: Due to oil, dead skin cells and dirt pores of your skin become blocked that occurs acnes and also may develop a pimple. Acne is a long term skin condition that causes of you get pimples.

(c) Bacterial infection: We all have both ‘good’ or ‘bad’ bacteria in our body. Some times bacteria may affected in different factors. Such as hormonal. In another affect of strain p. acnes occurs on our face or skin.

(d) Hormonal changes: Almost women’s are facing the problems with pimples on face. The main cause is androgen hormone. It being change into estrogen. In other word excessive sebum can break down the pores walls and it also grow bacterial infections.

To reduce pimples naturally and permanently on skin:

               My face was the first area where I began experimenting and use all the natural remedies .Those remedies included in this article is most effective to reduce pimples permanently.

1. Aloe vera: To treat your pimples naturally aloe vera is the most effective and a best natural remedy in all skin types. It just not use for remove pimples but it also helps to scars over your skin. Aloe vera has antimicrobial functions. For instated result you can apply it with turmeric powder and mixed with aloe vera jel. Aloe vera helps to soft, moisturize and hydrate your skin.

2.Honey: Honey is a anti-bacterial solution of our skin. Raw honey is very effective to reduce pimples and redness on your skin. Before apply honey wash your face and apply over your face then remove it after 30 minutes. For a better result you can also try a natural mask which made with honey and cinnamon. It also effected.

3. Coconut oil : Coconut oil is very oldest home remedies use for beautification. Coconut oil have rich levels of anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial. It apply directly over your skin damage area to reduce pimples and redness of skin. Coconut oil also help to moisturize and nourishing your skin.

4. Bananas : Bananas highly contain with potassium, vitamins and minerals. You can use it to treat your pimples. Don’t throw the peel of bananas, it use to beautification your skin. Cut a ripe banana peel and use its inner side. The white side rubbing over pimples in 5-10 minutes and wash it with water. Bananas nourishing your skin and get a better result after use.

5. Green tea : Some of us love to take green tea in the morning but it also have a secret in it. It helps to reduce inflammation, sebum and p. acnes .The applying process is –take a cup of water and put it tea bags then fridge it for few minutes. Then apply it on your face to get it pimples free.

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Best Hair Fall Controlling Remedies | Easy Method To Control Hair Fall

 How To Control Hair fall at home 

In recent times depression, over stress and Indiscipline life styles are the causes of hair fall. Our hair is one of our reflection of beauty others people can see. Hair loss is a common occurrence that people’s face sometimes. We can choose a best hair care routine to control hair falls.


Symptoms of hair fall:

Hair expertise say if you notice 50-100 hairs fall down in a single day then you can take some better treatment or care and consult with a hair expert. Bald patches is a another sign of hair fall. Amount of bad bald patches or spots appear on the scalp is a symptoms of hair fall. Sometimes it also feel us itching on our scalp that’s begin get hair falls. If your comb or brush collecting more hair check it after use. It also a sign of hair loss. So, always begin aware of the causes of hair fall then you get a better way to control hair fall solutions.

Hair Fall Control

Cause of hair fall :

‌Both men and women suffer with the problem of hair loss in some genetic issues. It is inherent the pattern of hair loss. Various genes have identified with trigger hair losses. 

‌Stress is the another cause of hair fall. It will happen in some causes like such emotional backgrounds, death of love ones, suddenly loss someone etc. On this type of anxiety, for the solutions  you can do yoga, meditation and talk therapy for better result . It’s very helpful and easiest way for us.

‌Sometimes we can use some wrong products and wrong way to apply a shampoo on our hairs is a reason of hair fall. We should use a good shampoo that suitable for our hair health. We must choose a anti – dandruff shampoo and use a conditioner to protect the damage hair. 

‌Women’s are facing the problem of hair loss mostly in pregnancy or menopause period of time. In this time hormonal changes is a main issue and estrogen hormones are responsible for hair loss problems . 

Some others issues are also important for hair fall like smoking, suddenly weight loss, lack of proteins, eating habits, changing life styles, thyroid etc. To control hair fall problems you should try some home remedies. But sometimes it out of control then you must consulate with a hair expert.


Home remedies to control hair fall:

Now days various hair fall treatments and therapy are available. But these maintenance is too much costly. Some people’s can’t affordable to paying the huge amount of money for the treatments. So that they choose and like various types of home remedies, it can be budget friendly and all of us can easily use it. Home remedies just not help you for the hair fall solutions but also helps to get healthy and strong hair. Some home remedies are:

1. Healthy Diet :

Unhealthy food habits is the cause of hair fall. On the 21st century both men and women are working and they spend a lots of time in outside over a day. For that they take foods from restaurants and these foods are very much oily and spicy. It affect on your health and also hair. Lack amount of proteins and vitamins is the another cause of hair fall. So, we should maintain a healthy diet that helps to get immunity and fight against hair falls.

2. Drinking Water :

In a day we should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day that help you keep hydrate your body and stay healthy. Dehydration affect your hair and also your body. You can also drink some healthy fruits juice, it can easily prepare at home. It can aid to stay healthy.


3. Clean your hair :

This is a very simple and easiest way to clean your hair at the top hair care routine. You can choose a mild hair care shampoo, that keeps your scalp clean and give your hair shining. Although you wash your hair with a mild shampoo that prevent any kind of infections and diseases. Also using a hair conditioner for right hair treatments.

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How To Remove Dark Spots on Face | Easy Ways to Remove Dark Spots

Some Easy Natural Method To Remove Dark Spots

Every persons dream is a clear and glowing skin. It is important to take care and maintain hygiene of your skin. We can see almost three types of dark spots. Those are – Brown, Black and Radish. In general dark spots are harmless. But it depend on your skin type. If you have a sensitive skin then consult with a doctor for best treatment or advices. 

Natural Remedies for removing dark spots

Why dark spots come: 

Collections of melanin is a major cause of dark spots. Some others causes are pollutions, ageing, hormonal, sun exposure increase the dark spots is called melasma. Hyper pigmentation due to sun exposure effect dark skin spots. Hyper pigmentation is a common type of skin problem. Every one’s want to look beautiful. They does waxing, threading etc. This may cause of black spots, especially who had sensitive skin. Sometimes people’s suffer with lack of vitamin B -12 in his/ her body. That’s leading to black spots but if you maintain a healthy diet then it is not much effected. During pregnancy or menopause women deal with the effect of dark spots. 

Dark spots problem with different age:

Age spots are vary in colors of your skin. Most commonly it visible on the areas where sun exposed much. Some of us have extremely sensitive skin which get easily spots and marks. Mainly women facing the problem much after 30-40 age. On that time our skin start to get decrease elasticity and becomes sensitive to get easily scarred. For that reason the spots are look very darker. On this age has to follows on some hormonal changes which also effect on the problem of dark spots.

How to remove dark spots on face: 

We all keep trying to how first remove dark spots on face. To get a glowing, lightening and smooth face. The main problems of dark spots is due to sun exposure. So at first we trying to cover our face and others parts which directly connected with sun. We should trying to wear full – sleeved and as possible  try to make distance from the direct sun.

‌To remove dark spots the sunscreen is a key. we look a best sunscreen which contains with SPF 30 to 50 protection. Try to use it daily for a better result. 

‌Some dark spots are harmless. But some people’s have extremely sensitive skin so they consult with a dermatologist.


Best cream for dark spots 

 People’s feel irritate or shy with the dark spots on face and it also change the skin tone. We all have found some earlier solution to remove dark spots as soon as possible. Then we find a better cream that our skin get a shinny look. Those are-

Some Ayurveda night creams:  Ayurveda creams are easily absorbent and it has to prepare many natural ingredients like saffron, aloe vera, honey etc. This cream provide a divine skin care experience. We must choose those types of creams.

Oriflame Optimals: It keeps your skin youthful glow. It provides us UV protection that aid of pigmentation. It contain with antioxidants that provide a little white glow on the darkness area. This cream helps to protect bad effects of pollution, damage environment and sun exposure. 

Olay Natural White: Naturally it’s a non – sticky texture that give you a smooth finish touch, soft and lightens on the face and dark spots area. It has the boost power of vitamin – B3, pro B5 and E. Vitamin – E enrich cream benefits for dark spots. This cream provides your skin well moisturized, reduce the dark spots and a brighten skin tone.


You should also choose some others products to reduce dark spots on your face. These are Lotus Herbals Papaya blem cream, Pond’s white beauty, L”Oreal paris white perfect night cream, Himalayan bleminor anti – blemish cream. You choose the right products which can easily access for your skin and get a perfect glowing face. 

Home remedies for dark spots:

My face was the first area I began experimenting with all – natural home made remedy. Chemicals products are costly to use. So we should try to use budget friendly home remedies. These natural way can help us to remove dark spots easily. Those are included :

Yogurt : 

It has contain with milder AHA and lactic acid that help to lighten your skin complexion and dark spots. For the better use you need a bowl and mixed properly 2 tablespoon of yoghurt, honey and turmeric powder. To make a smooth paste and apply over your face. After 10-12 minutes rinse with lukewarm water.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is a very popular natural things which have lots of benefits that improve the quality of our skin. It has vitamins A,B,C,E and amino acids which help to anti-aging and skon nourishing properties. Aloe vera is help to remove dark spots and reduce skin discoloration. It also work on pain relief, antiseptic and an excellent moisturizer to make your dull skin soft and smooth.

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Best Home remedies for dark circles | Best eye cream treatment for dark circles

 Easy Method for Removing Dark Circle Under Eyes


Eyes can defines our heart and beauty. Eyes are the most important parts of us. Now days people’s are safer with stress, lack of sleep, over night work is the cause of dark circles surrounding eye area. For some people dark circles are temporary due to sleepless nights. Eyes are the mirror of our heart and feelings.


Dark circle removing tips and remedies

Eye care process:

Eyes are needed very much care of another parts. Every one follow some steps or care to protect his/ her eyes. These process are-

1. At first we should maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

2. Stop rubbing your eyes frequently. 

3. To protect your eyes from the sun. So when you go outside wear a sunglass which helps to block UVA or UVB lights. 

4. Get regular exercise to take care of eyes. 

5. If you touch your eyes, firstly clean your hands.


Home remedies for dark circles:

On those days both men and women are face the problem of dark circles. Because of over night work, sleepless night, over stress. Eyes are most sensitive parts, so you can choose home or natural remedies rather than chemical products. We prefer some home remedies includes-

Sleep on time 

Most important things is to consider when your eyes are feel tired and restless. Then you getting enough sleep to rest your body, mind and eyes. Sleep is the first key to reduce your dark circles. We all must be need a proper sleeps on regular basis and a particular time.



On 21 century most common problem of us is over stress, depression and some bad habits of life styles. This is another reasons for having dark circles. Meditation is the best way out to decrease our depression and stress. Meditation is a everyday basis rituals that helps us to improve our life styles and get a stress and depression free life and keep us healthy. 

Rose water

Rose water is a mild astringent. Almost all types of skin can used it for refreshing and rejuvenating. Any types of eye irrigations we can use it every night over a week. Rose water is a natural remedy for all of us.


Grated cucumber 

Cucumber is the most effective remedies. Cucumber contains vitamins, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. This reduce to aid inflammation around the eye area. If you have extra time so you can get some row cucumber slices and directly use it over your eyes for 10-15 minutes to relax and than remove it. Its helps to stave darkening. 

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