How to protect your skin from sunburn | Best Remedies to protect your skin from sunburn

 Home Made and Natural Remedies of Protect Your Skin From Sunburn

Sunburn can affect anyone’s skin and also affect many parts of human body. In general feeling of being unwell, headache, feel fever and vomiting. The best way to avoid sunburn is that way people can manage to go outside on the middle time of the day. Do all wearing the cotton clothes that covers your body, use sunglasses to protect your eyes. 


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What is Sunburn? 

Sunburn occurs when uv rays damage your skin and affect your skin tone. Someone can increase harmful skin cancer. Uv rays from the sun damage your skin cells. Sunburns are even more common in younger or adults age Between 18-30 years. In is important to pay attention to your sensitive skin. Sunburn can cause premature skin aging. 


Symptoms of sunburn:

Sunburn symptoms depend on your sensitive skin. Some signs are easy to recognize that your skin effected by sunburn. It is usually a risk factor also for skin cancer. Those signs are changes in the skin tone, redness, skin feels hot to touch, swelling, you also may feel fever, headache etc.


How long does sunburn last?

‌It depends on your severity. Middle types of sunburn last 3 to 5 days only. It usually come with redness and feel some pain on your skin.

‌Moderate sunburn typically take a week. This is more painful then mild sunburn. The affect of moderate sunburn to the skin will be red, swollen and hot to touch.

‌Severe sunburn is very much affected. It taken 1or more then 2 weeks. It much painful and damage badly to very red skin. Sometimes it required to consult a doctors and take some medicines. 

Sunburn Prevention:

The many ways to protect your skin from sunburn. Naturally we should follow some steps to protect our skin from sunburn. Those are-

  • ‌Should choose a location with shade where you sitting or stand.
  • ‌Use sunglasses to protect your eyes from the radiation. 
  • ‌Avoid to going outdoors in the middle of the day over 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • ‌ Wearing a cotton clothes that cover your body.
  • ‌Also protect your neck, trunk and other parts from the sunburn to use a SPF 30+ protection cream.


Treatment for sunburns:

If your sunburn just in first stage, so you can apply some home remedies. Either the affect of sunburn is deeply damage your skin there were a risk factor for skin cancer.  Then you should consult a doctor for immediate treatment.

Some home remedies: 

Aloe vera is a very popular home remedy for sunburn. For this preparation you will need three ingredients. Those are aloe vera, honey, yoghurt. Take a bowl, add 2 tablespoon of honey, a cup of yoghurt and add sufficient aloe vera jel to make smooth paste. This mixed refrigerate for 2 hours. Then apply the mask over sunburn area for 20-25 minutes. Rinse it with cold water. Don’t let it completely dry.


Some quick home remedies for sunburn relief:

Sunburn can caused when the skin feel irritated and inflamed. The summer sun is so much hottest. As long as you should keep your skin hydrated. So you can use cucumbers, this are very helpful to cooling down the irritated skin. If you have a little sunburn then apply it over the affected area. Coconut oil is also helpful to reduce sunburn. A layer of coconut oil you can use to the sunburn area to repair the irritated skin. From the quick relief of sunburn also use ice packs, aloe, moisturizer and sun protective clothes. 


Exposure to natural sunlight: 

Sunlight is important for a human body to boosting vitamin-D. Sun exposure is created from your body’s injury. Thus injury to your skin layers caused by UV radiation. On the mid time10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Sun exposed too much over the skin effected by heat rashes, sunburns, eye damage, dehydration etc. Sun exposure also causes of dark skin. 


Can sunburn turn into a tan?

Tan is a one kind of skin damage. Whether sunburn few times turn into a tan. Tans will last for different lengths of time. Our skin naturally exfoliates itself over time, so a tan is never permanent. When you spending a lot of time on the outside, use a sun cream at least SPF 30 does prevent tanning.


Does sunburn affect dark skin? 

Many people’s thinks that sunburn does not affect on damage dark skin. Because dark skin contains higher levels of melanin to protect from the sun. Some people’s believe that dark skin does not burn and they no need to use sunscreen. But this is not true. Every one should use a sun protection cream or lotion which contain UV ray’s and SPF 30. Every ones skin is different and should maintain different skin care routines to benefit of their skin colors.


How to remove sunburn patches? 

We all have different kind of skin colors. But sunburn are still possible for all skin types. Some home made ingredients that remove your sunburn patches. Those are –


Lemon is a perfect bleaching that we can used on our skin. Both water and lemon mixed equally and make a liquid. It apply on your skin or dark spot over10 minutes and then clean your skin with fresh water. If you have a sensitive skin does not use it without doctor preference. 

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How to moisturize your skin in naturally

 How to Moisturize and Glow Your Skin 

Beautiful skin is moisturized skin; even if your skin is oily, it is imperative to keep it hydrate. Moisture can prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles and can help heal any scars or blemishes. There are hydrating oils, lotions, creams treatments and masks, so you are to find one best suited for your skin type. 


Skin care tips

My face was the first area I began experimenting with all – natural things, so this section holds a special place in my heart. It my incredibly problematic skin was able to benefit from just a few food – grade concoction, that anyone’s can.

Types of skin

There are various types of dry skin we can see namely –

  • ‌The skin which produces less sebum than normal skin.
  • ‌Dull and rough complexion dry skin. 
  • ‌Dry skin having red patches. 
  • ‌Dry skin with visible lines. 
  • ‌ Combination skin, normal and dry skin. 

            You might have naturally dry skin. But sometime it can be occur for a variety of reasons. Dry skin can affect mainly our face, hand and feet. Dry weather, excessive cold weather frequent use of hand – wash & hand sanitizer can cause dry skin. Sometime using much hot water and certain chemicals can cause dry out our skin.


Dry skin is a very common skin condition which started by a lack of appropriate amount of water in our skin. The most common dry skin areas are our – arms, hands, feet and face. 


Some Best skin care tips: 

Dry skin moisturization:

 Taking care of your skin is a major part of your daily life, especially when you feel that your skin need of hydration. Hydrating your face is important and for the dry skin type – hydrating your hand and feet is important too. It’s a very important step for any kind of dry skin is to use moisturizer. Moisturizer helps to hydrate your skin and improve the complexion also. Any type of moisturizer can help the body to defer itself from the environment. Before applying any kind moisturizer make sure to clean your skin first and always start with damp skin to absorbed the moisturizer by the skin.


  How to prevent dry skin:

Moisturizers Specially some good quality moisturizer can help to prevent your skin from environmental damage and repair the dryness. If you are felling dry skin it will be beneficial for you to use some soft and smooth moisturizing cream.

              The cream contain vitamin – E and uv  protection is quickly repair the dry skin which cost by the hit and dry weather. Some oil based moisturiser is very helpful to hydrate your skin over night.


Various types of moisturization:

‌ Water based moisturizer: 

Drinking water is always a best way to moisturize and hydrate your skin. Using a water based moisturizer can keep your skin looking refresh and filling hydrate. 


‌Oil based moisturiser:

The primary role of any oil based moisturiser is hydration. The oil based moisturiser has a lightweight texture that absorb quickly. An oil based moisturiser can make a massive difference to people who have dry skin. Many natural oil based moisturisers contain organic ingredients. 


‌Oil free moisturizer:

Oil free moisturizer is a hydrating for oily skin. The oil free hydro face gel has the goodness of various kind of extracts that melt into your skin. The light weight gel texture makes it a dual utility product for oily skin as well as dry to normal skin types. Oil free moisturizers,  moisture the oily skin without feeling heavy on clogging your pors.


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