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 Peptic ulcer : symptoms, causes and prevention

What is Peptic Ulcer:

Peptic ulcer is most common with the due to bad diet or foods habit and carry the bad lifestyle. Bacterial inflammation caused by stomach acids that can feel you a burning pain in stomach or lower abdomen.Peptic ulcer is a another part of  stomach ulcer, when you feel sores in the lining of your stomach upper part or small intestine. In the beginning you can’t feel any symptoms but may be sometimes feel a burning pain or discomfort. Gastric, Duodenal or Esophageal are the part of peptic ulcer and if you having the both kind of ulcer  is known as gastro-duodenal.

Stomach ulcer

Peptic ulcer lead to internal bleeding sometimes it effect much and need blood transfusions. Gastric ulcer in your stomach lining and at the top or small intestine having duodenal ulcer. In an organ which kind of foods you may eat and absorbs. Peptic ulcer can see in the older age but sometimes you can get it in any age.

Symptoms of peptic ulcer 

Almost 75% people does not have any symptoms but peptic ulcer gradually increase in your body, you feel the burning pain on breastbone or belly button. The pain much bitter you can feel in an empty stomach, between the meals or at night. The pain can last for few hours or few minutes but on that time you eat something then the pain must be reduce at that moment. Sometimes the others symptoms can help to identify peptic ulcer, those signs or symptoms are –

  • Vomiting, sometimes also can see blood with vomiting
  •  Nausea
  • Certain weight loss,  
  • When do some activity or work hard 
  • feel shortness of breathing
  • Feeling bloated
  • Feel pain over chest
  • Stool that appears tarry

When your stomach feel those kinds of symptoms or pain then need a medical treatment. In the staring period ulcer does not have any symptoms. So you must notice and take care your self does as early can find out the disease.

Common causes of peptic ulcer

Peptic ulcer people having with the different causes. When the acids develop too much in your stomach it broke out the digestive system and feel irritation with pain. But it also unknown the main cause of peptic ulcer. The common causes are-

  • Take much medicines like aspirin for long time and other inflammatory drugs. This medicines making with different chemicals that cause of increase stomach acids, it destroy the digestive wall. Spicy foods also cause of ulcer.

  • Drinking alcohol and smoking habits if you can control, then it surely you have ulcer or stomach cancer on older age. Overstress also likely to get ulcer in stomach.
  • People also infected with Helicobacter pylori bacteria, thus cause of stomach inflammation and infection due to increase amount of acids it break down the digestive system and the protective mucus layer. Helicobacter sometimes it carry with person to person with close contact.

Find out the complications

Get ulcer and long time it can’t be treated it become dangerous and get stomach cancer. Feel pain on abdomen and get e hole cause of infection, it a sign of perforated ulcer.

Peptic ulcer when it significant losses blood it dizziness, black stool or terry and get lightheadedness. If you have bleeding ulcer it can need emergency hospitalization because internal bleeding is not a minor problem, so don’t be ignore.

A sudden abdominal pain, it become hard to touch, feel vomiting and it’s  a worse moment of peptic ulcer. Presence bacteria can heal the problem much.

Prevention of Stomach Ulcers

It easy to get prevention on peptic ulcer if you maintain a healthy diet, lead a good lifestyle and stay no to your bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and spicy or rich foods. To prevent ulcer take some common steps are –

  1. Try to avoid certain pain relievers, aspirin, naproxen sodium etc. These types of medicines destroy the mucus which protect your stomach to prevent acids. It increase your stomach infection and infected the abdominal area.
  2. Don’t drink alcohol when you take medicines. Quite smoking or limit your drinking habits it help you to prevent from peptic ulcer. Because it affect your thin lining mucus that protect our stomach and digest system.
  3. Get enough sleep that boost your energy and help to reduce stress. Overstress affect your health  .
  4. The harmful bacteria affect your stomach. Try to avoid road side foods, open food shops, frequently wash your hands, use sanitizer that protect form bacteria. 
  5. Drink pure or clean water.

In this article help you to know more about peptic ulcer. To know the causes and symptoms that you can get immediate medical treatment. Then it become dangerous stomach cancer. Doctor can be easily find out and treat  major disease to get a healthy life.

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