Permanent Hair Straightening | Types of Hair Straightening

Permanent hair straightening- How does it last and work, types of treatment

Hair is considered as frame of our face, that reflects our beauty. The way of treatment for permanent hair straightening at first apply chemical solutions to prepare the structure then mechanically locking the structure to get result. Now in all salon’s has does this treatment and in market and online shops also available the kits of permanent hair straightening.

Hair Straightening

How long it last?

Permanent hair straightening normally lasts 6 – 7 months of treatment and it depends what kind of chemicals use of this way of treatment. Home hair straightening kits does not last longer than 6-7 months. But when the roots of hair grow start to grow up the straightening does not last. If you want the same hair you can repeat the treatment for permanent hair straightening.

Sometimes few people do semi-permanent hair straightening, it last just for 3 – 4 months before your natural hair start to grow up.

How it done :

All salon’s follows the same methods of doing permanent hair straightening. They apply the chemical based products that change your hair proteins and hair configured. On the thermal procedure a neutralizer applied your hair to get a new shape. With proteins molecules and forming both your hair get.

In this following treatment when apply the chemicals solution and neutralizer that make your hair style. But even you get wet your hair, feel much troubles in the way of following treatment. To treat your hair walking around the in haling way to used bad chemicals.

Effects :

When you applied permanent hair straightening on your hair it has some side effects also. The use of chemicals on the treatment it effect to damage your hair cells and it become harder or rough, it lost its natural oil and smoothness.

After the treatment over 6 – 7 months later when your new hair grow and the straight hair become get curly. Sometimes people has allergy then it’s affect much, get irritation to your skin, eyes, nose and skin redness. Before doing this treatment know your medical history.

Types of treatment

Make your hair straight there are several way available. You can choose the best one which is suitable for you. Permanent hair straightening require various way of treatment. Here we discusses few common way of treatment. Those are like –

Keratin treatment : 

This is a common hair straightening treatment and most of the hair experts recommends this. Keratin treatment is w budget friendly, the cost of treatment almost under the Rs. 5,000 – Rs.1 5,000 and it also depend the parlour or salon where you go and the length of your hair. 

Keratin treatment helps to found your hair protein and make your hair healthy, smooth, silky and shiny. Sometimes our bad lifestyle or routine and bad foods habit is a caused of resulting damage and frizzy hair. 

Keratin treatment also considered as semi permanent treatment, it last 4 – 5 months of treatment. On keratin treatment the chemicals apply on hair it easily fixed on hair it’s a science based treatment.

Japanese treatment :

Japanese hair straightening stay long time treatment and it is a high cost of treatment up to Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 20,000. After the treatment you must done a conditioning mask that care your hair health. If people with weak and damage hair should avoid this treatment. 

Before does a hair colour try to apply this treatment on two to three months. Your hair stylish advise you to look pretty with your straight hair and its long last. Try to choose a best salon’s where you get the best treatment and look you beautiful for it last long.

Re-bonding treatment :

It’s a kind of treatment where your curly or thick wavy hair get the source of protein structure and make your hair straight. On these treatment apply the chemicals over your hair and leave it for 20 – 30 minutes. It a repeated  processes where it depending the structure and thickness of your hair. The cost of this treatment between Rs. 10,000 to 18,000 and it last long until the others treatment. 

Re-bonding treatment is highly expansive and last long. On this treatment the process going through the way of use chemicals that bond your hair health and get perfect structure.

In this article we share to choose the best treatment. That help you get look beautiful. The cost of treatment we discusses here it also depend on the salon’s and length of your hair. Sometimes the use of chemicals can affect to damage your hair. So before try any treatment be aware of your hair conditions.

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