Signs and symptoms of pregnancy | 10 Signs of Pregnancy

 Know about the signs and symptoms :

A very common signs and symptoms of pregnancy is missed your regular period circle. But it’s not a single sign of pregnancy. Due to pregnancy 1-2 weeks later hormonal changes increase into body and it is an excited moment for a motherhood. Before you missed your period, an egg fertilized and implant in the uterus wall.

symptoms of pregnancy

10 signs and symptoms of pregnancy:

Pregnancy has many early symptoms. When you feel to start all of these signs and symptoms you must test your pregnancy with a doctor recommended pregnancy kit and sure about you are pregnant. Those signs are –

1. A very common ‘morning sickness’ : 

During pregnancy its early or after 4- 6 weeks later 50% of women suffer with vomiting or nausea. It’s also called morning sickness but its not necessary you feel vomiting only morning period of time you can feel it any time of the day. Nausea is a very common symptoms that proven you are pregnant. 

2. Frequently change mood :

After miss your period its a sing of pregnancy for that some hormonal changes effects over your moods. Sometimes you feel cheerful or upset. This kind of mood swings or frequently change your mood impact overs your emotions, brain, feel alone, helpless and suddenly get angary. On that moment take time to get relax, rest and need a sleep.  

3. Feel exhausted :

In the whole pregnancy period of time it is very common to feel tried and exhausted doing a small things and feeling sleepiness. During pregnancy some hormonal changes impact on our body that’s you feel tired and sleepiness all the time. On that time our body need to produce more blood for help to develop baby’s health. So need a healthy diet along rich vitamins, proteins, minerals, iron etc.

signs of pregnancy

4. See the changes of breasts :

When you noticed the changes of your breasts it’s sure to know the early-stage of pregnancy. Those signs are your breasts feel tender, heavy, sore and nipples area begin saw darker. Sometimes you feel tingly and itching overs the breast side area. When body develop the estrogen hormone women feel pain and sore on breasts sides.

5. Impel of urinate :

Repeatedly urination is a common symptoms of pregnancy. Entire pregnancy period hormonal changes are like uterus push up the bladder. On that time our body products extra amount of blood and kidneys work to filter our blood. Almost 50% of women faces this problems of frequently urination a most common symptoms of pregnancy. 

6. Get more sensitive : 

Pregnancy period is an adorable moment of every women in her entire life. This times women’s are much more sensitive. The sensitivity they feel from smells of foods, taste of foods and others. Pregnancy hormones change the overall systems of a women body over the pregnancy time.

7. Poverty level of breathing : 

Due to pregnancy a women carry a new life inside her body. So, she need more oxygen supply for breathing and more blood for a new life. For the new one and the mother two life’s want to more nutrition, oxygen, vitamins and proteins to having a healthy baby. Shortness of breathing consider a early symptoms of pregnancy. 

8. Increase your BP and heartbeats : 

High blood pressure and speedy heartbeats both are the common symptoms of pregnancy. Due to pregnancy heartbeats begin pump faster and Bp over impact our body. On that time women’s are suffer with both symptoms are signs of pregnancy. 

9. Consider as a first sign – (a missed period) :

When your period circle is regular then a missed period is a common sign to get you are pregnant. If you miss your period more then 1-2 weeks you need a pregnancy test to sure about your pregnancy. 

10. A light spotting and bleeding : 

Both spotting and bleeding are considers as early symptoms of pregnancy. Some women feels implementation of bleeding on periods women. It could be enough to know about early symptoms of pregnancy. 

Our motive to help all women’s  and care for their health. In this article we share the early symptoms of pregnancy that are much helpful of all women to know they are got pregnant because pregnancy is a precious time or gift to be a women.

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