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 Benefits of Green tea for skin

Start your day with a cup of green tea: 

Get benefits overall your health and skin. Green tea has lots of benefits and enrich high amount of antioxidants, anti-inflammation, anti-diabetes etc. Green tea also helps to prevent skin cancer. 

Green Tea

Green tea has various uses including our skin care routine. Applying green tea over our face due to dark circles, acne, pimples, inflammation etc. Try a green tea face mask or put tea bags overs dark circles area.

Use of green tea:

Hydration : For the dry skin care routine green tea can hydrate and nourish your dull skin. Green tea contain with vitamin E that help to repair your skin and look brightens. It helps to reduce pimples or dark spots, skin irritation, sunburn and other damages.

Clear pores : Pores are getting blocked with dead skin cells. Pores are the tiny opens for unwanted oil and sweat. The common problem mostly when the pores are clogged face get black or whiteheads and acnes. Applying a green tea mask that clear the clogged pores and get a acnes free nourish or brightened face.

Skin inflammation : Green tea contain with high levels of polyphenols, which called catechins. Catechins help to reduce redness on face, swelling and itching, some kind of skin irritation and damages. Green tea mask applying directly over face because its harmless and none of side effects. 

Green tea

Protect premature aging : Green tea is one of the best ingredients which accumulate the power of vitamin B12 and vitamin E. It helps to reduce rejuvenates of dead skin cells and maintain skin elasticity. Green tea has the elements that protect your skin from wrinkles, scare marks and premature skin cells. Use of green tea get a nourishing and glowing skin. 

Remove acnes : Acnes and pimples are not same but green tea is helpful for both treatment. Acnes can damage your look. Green tea has the properties of antioxidants, anti- inflammation and anti-antimicrobials those fights against acnes. Green tea has the polyphenols which can control acnes and stop the bacterial infections. Applying green tea also remove the blackheads on face.

Fight against skin cancer : Skin cancer is a disease start with a small skin irritation or skin infections. Generally skin cancer are different types like photoaging, melanoma skin cancer and nonmelanoma skin cancers. Green tea has polyphenols that prevent from solar UVB – lights due to skin cancer. 

Benefits over health : Green tea contain with antioxidants that improve inner system. This ingredients protect from damage liver, helps to reduce weight, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. If inner system are improved then its reflect over face. So, green tea helps both health and skin care routine. 

Use of Green tea : Now various products are available in the market which processed use of green tea. Choose some green tea based moisturizer, serum, face pack, face mask, toner etc. Those products elements are contain with green tea benefits. Also applying green tea mask at home and get a glowing skin. 

 Apart from the study green tea has lots of benefits and important over health and skin. Both drinking green tea and applying green tea has the similar benefits. Get a glowing and nourishing skin go with green tea. Those has the power to protect your skin. Green tea is a ingredient use your daily skin care routine.

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