Some Signs or symptoms of breast cancer | What is the Prevention of Breast Cancer

 Signs of breast cancer and It’s Prevention

 Know about breast cancer:

Breast cancer is a common disease that 40% to 60% women suffer over all the world. Breast cancer is a reflect when the cells in the breast grow out of control. It depends on which cells turn into cancer in breast. 

 Breast cancer has different kinds and it began in different parts of the breast. Ducts, connective tissue and lobules are the major parts of breast. Those parts have done their works. Each parts done its several way. That the lobules part produce milk. Ducts is bring milk to the nipple. Those parts are connected with each other, for the connective tissue.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

What is the Causes of breast cancer:

Environmental changes or damages effects over our changes of life styles and hormones that is the cause of having breast cancer. Sometimes people feel irritation over breast area, that also cause of breast cancer. It’s not all times you have seen or develop cancer over your breast. Mainly we consider breast cancer is a mass or lumps you feel in breast which is painful. But not all lupms are cancer. Breast cancer cells are grow abnormally in the milk produce system. We should always aware of these kind of changes having our body.

Signs or symptoms of breast cancer:

Different people having the signs or symptoms in different way it depends on your type of cancer. However, change in shape of breast is a signs of brest cancer. But it not necessary to all have the same signs.

  • Change the colour of nipples. Having redness on the nipples area. Nipples retration or 50% of papilary occurs nipples discharge. 
  • Symptoms of breast cancer vary from person to person. But some common signs have visible is change the shape and side of breast. Change the skin colour of both nipples area. 
  • Some others changes like if you touch the breast area feel hard and warm. Sometimes irrigation and itching feel over the area.
  • Tumar in breast if it have long time way then it turned easily into cancer. Lumps or mass inside you have feel in breast also occurs cancer. 
  • Feeling pain in breast not surely it increase cancer. But some times it important to take care of the area and consulate with a doctor. 

Risk factors: 

Breast cancer is a common disease that you can not prevent it to become your age. Because after 40 women body get risk to breast cancer. Some others is if you carry it genetically or it can be your family history. But some risk factors you can control over to not get the disease. Those are-

1. Pattern of life style : Even people’s live with the bad life styles it could be effect over your health. The changing parts are diet, maintain foods habit and physical activity. It also included over hormonal changes. Due to  take some highly powerful medicines. 

2. Effect of alcohol : Alcohol is very first to create a risk factor overs your health and breast cancer. If a women take 7 to 10% alcohol in a single day then its really crucial to carry cancer in breast. It helps to increase chances surely. 

3. Over weight : Women who get over weight due to menopause there after they can see some hormonal changes that really create a risk factor of breast cancer. Due to over weight always should maintain a healthy diet, avoid junk foods.

4. Physical activity: Physical activity is more important not just for prevent cancer but other disease also. You get always active physically that change your body movements, hormonal changes and weight. Physically fit person not get much weight ever.


Some other issue are that also increase risk factor like never done breast feeding, menopausal hormonal therapy, birth control pills, not have a child etc.

Prevention of Breast Cancer:

  If you take care of your health and also prevent from cancer then it become easily to disclose the disease. You take some steps to prevent from breast cancer-

         (a) Feeding your baby: Although some women’s think if you feeding your baby then both breast are loose shape and size. But it crucial to know breast feeding is protect you from breast cancer. 

         (b) Manage your weight: Always should maintain a healthy weight it well help you to stay healthy and it benefits for not having a breast cancer. You can maintain a good diet chart.

        (c) Hormonal precaution: Over weight could dis balanced your hormones and its effect over your menopause. If you get the problems then consult with a doctor and take immediate medicines. 

       (d) Physical activity: Physical activity is most important to prevent breast cancer. It should maintain regular basis. You can do yoga, meditation and walk a long for physically fit.


In this article we discuss the signs or symptoms and risk factor or prevention of breast cancer. It must take care our your health to stay healthy. It is not highly risk if it recognize early stages. So, when you feel some problems with breast area then as early as possible go to a doctor clinic for better treatment.

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