Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in India

 Health Insurance Company and Their Schemes in India

Importance of Health Insurance:

Health insurance plans or policy help to protect your family in any kind of medical emergencies and get a instead or secure help. When we thought to make policy for us or our family then have some confused which company provides us the best plans with a suitable premiums.

Health Insurance company

In this article you have to know more about those company’s  rules and regulations and choose the right one. Here we discuss some best health insurance company in India.

Top 5 Best Health Insurance Companies: 

If you searching or try to finding best and secure Health Insurance Companies in India. So you at the right place to know about best Health Insurance company and their best schemes and advantages. Below we given Top 5 Health Insurance companies Name and their Schemes.

Star Health Insurance :

Star health insurance is a popular health insurance company that gives you the offer to choose variety of insurance for your entire family with suitable cost of premiums.

Structure of plans : 

This plans cover up 1 to 5 lakhs of health expanses. Any kind of diseases or accident you can claim 25% of the policy holder. 10% of allocated expanses like ambulance charges, hospitalizes charges and other medical crisis. It cover up in 60 to 90 and all above 120 days for each hospitalization procedure.

Advantages or disadvantages :

Star health insurance provide a good networking connectivity with multi speciality hospitals. This plans up to 2 lakh for treatment assisted reproduction and also included accommodation. If anyone think  that they can using homeopathy and ayurveda treatment then also get the expanses of treatment. Some critical diseases like plastic surgery, oral chemo, major injuries, sexual transmitted, cosmetic surgery etc. cover up in the plans.

The scheme :

The plan require few maximum or minimum premiums or age limitation. It require atleast 16 days of a newborn and upto 65 years of old. The premiums has between 1 to 25 lakhs cover up.

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SBI health insurance plans :

SBI health insurance plans are very easy  to understand. There can be a plan for your parents, children almost your entire family cover up in this plan.


Structure of plans : 

You should cot up the exclusive features and premiums. The premium will remain up 5 years. Its waiting period just for 28 months and the feature does not increase the benefits or benefits of plans is failed to claim.

Advantages or disadvantages :

SBI health insurance does not provide you a wide range of facilities or coverages, like others policy holder company provide. But the coverage and benefits are extensive. 

The scheme :

SBI cover up is different than others company. Here the limitation of age between 18 years to 65 years, but few plans start in 3 months of a baby. The cost of expanses of this plan between  1 lakh to 5 lakhs.

HDFC health insurance :

HDFC ERGO health suraksha is very suitable and easy to get the plans. Here no restriction between the age limit or coverage in the premiums.


Structure of plans : 

This plan cover up a full of beneficial plans. The scheme remain gets the benefits of 30 days waiting periods. It excludes the treatment of any accidental injury, abuse of drugs and alcohol, HIV treatment and others.


Figure out the advantages or disadvantages :

In this plan has the facilities of 60 days of pre or 90 days  of post hospitalization expanses. Here also available the women based maternity benefits, cover new born baby, organ donation expanses and others. It has seamless claim and easy settlement process or paperwork contain with minimal numbers. 

The scheme :

In this plan there is no issue between the age limit or cost of premiums. It insured up to 3 lakhs to 10 lakhs of expanses.

Aditya Birla health insurance :

It specially cover up the international hospitalization expanses. The expanses in high amount of  explore and critical diseases like cancer, surgery etc. It help to reduction of pre existing period, unrelated illness or other emergency situation.

Structure of plans : 

The policy give a personalized health professional who insured the person or people suffer with hypertension, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, heart attack, cancer, kidney failure etc. The policy holders enjoys the all benefits.

Advantages or disadvantages :

Here to know the expanses and other kind of alternative treatment of ayurveda and homeopathy expanses.  In between waiting period of  30 days to 4 years of illness cover in the policy making scheme. It excludes all kind of coverage of treatment.

The scheme :

There is a minimum age limit has 91 days but no maximum age limit. The cost of premium is between 2 lakhs to 2 crores. You can choose your suitable policy.

Bajaj health insurance :

Bajaj Allianz family floater health guard policy holds you and your family. It up to cover 60 days of expanses and all pre or post hospitalization expanse of patient health cover the premiums.

Structure of plans : 

You remain in this policy all the expanses included accommodation and ambulance. You have lots of benefits and daily cash bones.

Advantages or disadvantages :

This plan include the area of treatment in dental, infertility obesity, HIV, cosmetic surgery etc. It also included the type of patient self inflicted injuries or some specific diseases, in the period of 24 to 36 months.

The scheme :

It is a life long plan in between a suitable cost up to 1.5 lakhs to 50 lakhs. The maximum age is 65 years and minimal of 3 months cover up.

In this article we share the best 5 companies but there is also few new companies available with their suitable plans with in variety of coverages. If you want know more and details about above those companies, please visit their own official website for details.

In current situation health insurance is highly recommended to save and secure you savings. You find out the best health insurance for your  family which is fruitful for you and help to remain expanses in an emergence period of time.

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